Eleuthera Island, Bahamas


Close to the end of our trip, Maggie and Alex suggested that we ferry over to the main island, Eleuthera, rent a car for the day, and see a few of the places they had visited 10 years ago and remembered fondly. I’m so glad they suggested it, because we saw some really amazing things that day!

Our first stop was Preacher’s Cave, the home and church of the first Eleutherian adventurers. The cave was massive and really beautiful (Alex is fist pumping because he’s British and so were the adventurers, of course!).

Maggie spotted this exposed bee hive, practically dripping honey and all! It think it looks like a pair of lungs, doesn’t it?DSC_0545DSC_0548DSC_0558

A short walk down a trail on the opposite end of Preacher’s Cave was this stunning beach! The kids spotted a baby shark swimming close to shore, yikes!

We also found a teeny tiny hermit crab. DSC_0561DSC_0570DSC_0573DSC_0575DSC_0580

There was an outcropping of rock that looked like the surface of the moon. Milo and Andrew explored it a bit, finding sea urchins, crabs, and sea snails. We could have spent hours exploring, but it was very hot and we still had a long car ride to lunch. DSC_0588DSC_0612

And just when the whining and arguing had become unbearable inside that car ride south, we reached South Palmetto Point and stopped at Tippy’s, which was just about to open for lunch. This place was so good. Check out the view from the restaurant:DSC_0613DSC_0618

The food was good. I ordered a burger that was enormous and ate almost the entire thing. Also, Maggie and I improved our moods (and cooled down) with two of the best piña coladas in the entire land. The boys enjoyed massive amounts of ice cream. DSC_0621

After Tippy’s, we drove a short way to Ten Bay Beach, which was Oliver’s favorite place of the entire trip. Located in Savannah Sound, Ten Bay Beach is a white powder sand beach with sand flats that extend out very far, making the water shallow and usually very calm. On the day we visited, the waves were huge because of the wind, which was perfect for the kids. They could be out very far in the water and still touch the bottom, be swept up onto a wave, and carried back down to the sand. Oliver spent so long out there, Andrew and I had to trade off staying with him! DSC_0625DSC_0631

Emil flew his octopus kite for the first time, then the string got stuck in a tree. It was still flying high when we left. It may still be flying today. It’s okay. It looked like it belonged there.

What was particularly nice about this beach is that there was plenty of shade. The big boys built a little fort in the trees when they weren’t swimming. And a sand castle, of course. DSC_0637DSC_0638DSC_0641

Oliver went shell hunting with Alex and they found some great little conch shells. When it was time to leave, I started to collect Oliver’s pile, when I noticed the foot had come out of one of the conchs; it was definitely not an empty shell! Oliver and Milo placed it into shallow water to observe how it moved. Its two eyes came out and looked around, then it pushed itself forward with its foot. It was very, very cool.

All exhausted and happy, we pile back into the car and drive north to return the car and ferry back to Harbour Island. On the way, we stop on Glass Window Bridge, a tiny strip of land, the skinniest part of the island. This is the view from one side:DSC_0644DSC_0648

And that completes our day on Eleuthera Island! It was such a great day trip!

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  1. That was a great day. Though, please forgive me as I think you may have buried the lede. We were lucky to get that car…island time is a thing of its own. “Remember its a TUUUEEESDAY.”

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