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The food situation on Harbour Island was complicated! We had been expecting tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood at the ready, and markets with all the local stuff we would cook with. The reality was that everything was imported and most of the available fruits or vegetables (and especially the seafood) had been previously frozen. In addition to that, it was all insanely expensive. As a result, we only cooked a couple of meals at the house; the rest of the time, we went out to eat (or ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cereal and milk).

The food at the nicer restaurants was really good. Plus, they seemed to have dibs on all the fresh seafood, greens, and fresh foods, so we ended up having the best meals at these places. The Landing was my favorite.


The Landing, a 13-room hotel and restaurant overlooking the harbor in Dunmore Town, dates back to 1800 and has been designed in a classic plantation style with colonial Caribbean influences. The pictures on the wall (and in the bathroom) were enough to give me pause. The bar was gorgeous (above) and the outdoor space (below) like an oasis.


If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend it! Also, the rooms look perfect!

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  1. If The Landing is gentile Colonial inspiration (those Brits were everywhere!) The Dunmore is a modern, updated version of that. Airy and a little funky – its worth a visit for the food and a peak at the fresh design. Google image search The Dunmore Restaurant – so inspiring!

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