On Poetry

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The Best American Poetry, 2015 I’ve not considered myself a reader or fan of poetry, but my sweet friend Emily (who is a creative writing teacher and poet, in addition to being an amazingly patient mother and a thoughtful, kind friend who has a knack for good listening and even better perspective taking — yes, … Continue reading “On Poetry”


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Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld I enjoyed this fun read, something I would consider an indulgence, especially right after reading Between the World and Me, which left me needing something light and mindless. Sittenfeld, who is originally from Cincinnati, is now a St. Louis native. Being familiar with both cities, I enjoyed the references to Cincinnati … Continue reading “Reading…”


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Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates This powerful book, written by national correspondent for The Atlantic and award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates, is written in letter-form to his teenage son regarding feelings, fears, symbolism, and the harsh realities of growing up black in the United States. While the book is far from optimistic, it is, I admit … Continue reading “Reading…”

The Midnight Zone

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Image from The New Yorker, illustration by Jason Holley My friend Janelle sent me the link to Lauren Groff’s short story The Midnight Zone, which I immediately listened to first thing in the morning while my boys played in the other room. A wonderful, beautiful story. If you have half an hour, listen. It’s captivating and touching … Continue reading “The Midnight Zone”