Fun and Games

Another successful cousin visit! Not only did the cousins enjoy each other, the brothers (Andrew and Ryan) proved their manliness by successfully unclogging a sink drain while flexing their muscles and grunting. Much was accomplished, including more poking and lots of kisses (open-mouthed, cousin kisses… I think we have a problem)…

The introduction of mechanized baby equipment to Milo, which hypnotized our little guy with all of its music, motion, mirrors, and moving creatures above his head (really, thank you Ryan & Kristin- while Milo was zombie-ized, I have been able to get more done around the house today than I have in an entire week!)…
And the invention of a very dangerous game:
This “game” only looks good to people with as many doctors in their family as this family. Stitches? No problem, just hop up on the sink/tailgate of a truckbed/countertop! Does this look like a bad idea to anyone else out there?

Needless to say, Milo enjoyed his calm bath time with lots of smiles. Naked Milo is my favorite! He also continues to show more promise with grasping and interacting with his toys. The purple bird rattle in the background, lovingly named “Purple Birdie,” is his favorite toy to grasp and throttle, but he seems to really love to converse with his fish mobile. I love to eavesdrop on these one-sided conversations that involve a lot of cooing, squealing, and giggles. But after a while, Milo gets kind of mad that these fish aren’t answering any of his questions about the meaning of life, etc. I’m not really looking forward to the day Milo realizes that these fish are stuck in perpetual smile-land, and they aren’t just smiling at him.

Other milestones Milo has achieved (since I started this blog late for him)- “standing” on our laps, holding his head steady, following voices/objects by turning his head, and lifting his head when on his stomach. However, “tummy time” is not a favorite of Milo’s. He will tolerate this for a couple of minutes, then bury his nose face-down and start screaming like he is smothering himself. It is so disturbing, I tend to avoid doing this to him, though I know we are supposed to put him on his tummy several times a day. I don’t think he is suffering too much, though, since he is holding his head up so well otherwise. Okay, enough of this “my baby is amazing” stuff.

Thanksgiving is in three days, which means the car trip from Hell is in two… wish us luck!

Bald and Beautiful?

I regret to inform you that this morning I discovered that Milo is slowly but surely going bald. When I lifted him out of his crib this morning, it appeared that a shedding cat had been sleeping under his head… but to make matters worse, I am joining him. Alas, the inevitable post-pregnancy hair loss has finally caught up to me. For the first time in a year, I have started shedding. It’s so sad, I really liked that hair!
So, is Milo doomed not only to be a fat, but also as bald as Homer Simpson? See for yourself…

(Me, at four months= fat + bald)

(Andrew at nearly the same age= fat + hairy)

Maybe there’s still hope.

Daddy’s Boy

With Andrew in San Francisco for the weekend (assistant teaching an executive MBA class through Wharton), I am reminded how important family is to me. Mornings are “daddy time” for Milo, and a time where I can get some much-needed sleep! Although I thoroughly enjoy cuddling in bed with Milo until he is awake for the day, I know Milo gets so much out of his daddy time. He really responds to Andrew’s high-energy, animated style of parenting. As I have said to many, Mom is business to Milo, where Dad is FUN!

As you can see, it is wonderful seeing them together. Andrew, we miss you!

Weekend with the cousins

I’m perpetually behind with posting, but hopefully now that I have access to a computer daily (yay!) I will be able to post more often. This is a good thing, as it seems like every time I look at Milo, he is accomplishing another milestone or… gaining another pound. He is now 16 pounds! I think for a ten-week-old this is a bit excessive, but he is thriving and healthy, and generally just very sturdy, so all is well.
We survived our first weekend visit with cousins Elizabeth and Ava on November 3. Kristin brought the girls down from D.C. for a fun-filled afternoon and dinner. Milo got lots of love, kisses, and pokes and prods to the eye socket, and I got some much-needed girl time with Kristin. We attempted a photo shoot which seemed to go alright at first:

Only to discover that Milo will tolerate this for only about 2 seconds:

Yes, Lizzy has the right idea- outta here!

Despite how it looks, the visit was a success, and we can’t wait to travel to Ohio next week for Thanksgiving to visit with family again. The car ride is going to be another story. Milo hates his carseat (aren’t babies supposed to fall asleep in them?) and quickly turns hysterical, red, and sweaty when left in it for any amount of time over 10 minutes. Oh, boy! That, combined with a dog that vomits on nearly every car trip should prove to be fun. Still, we can’t wait!