Despite how it looks, Milo and I had a great time together while Andrew was in San Francisco for the past three days. We are thrilled to have him back home, though. While he was gone, Milo learned how to surf on the homemade pillow surfboard sent by Cousins Jada and Jason. I don’t think he’s quite ready for the open seas, though. And keep your “beached whale” comments to yourselves, please.

Well, we’re off to brave the holiday shopping fiasco like millions of other lunatics around the country… wish us luck!

Blah Humbug

The last two days have been spent just lazing around the house. I still haven’t completely kicked this stomach bug, plus the weather has been unpleasant, so we are holed up in here. For anyone who knows me, this is usually not a good thing. I usually get stir crazy pretty easily, but for some reason I feel like I’m becoming more of a homebody since having Milo. So, not the worst thing in the world to be at home. We get to take lots of naps and play and take baths together… so much fun!

In fact, I’ve been so entertained by Milo that I forget how fast the days fly by until I realize, like now, that it is 5:30pm! This morning, Milo discovered the keys hanging in the back door when I let Proudie out. He looked at them swinging there in the lock, giggled, turned his face into my shoulder like he was shying away from a stranger, then looked back at them and giggled again. What is this fascination with inanimate objects, and why does he try to socialize with them? I don’t know, but it’s pretty funny.

Milo has also discovered his hands. He stares at them, puts them together in various ways, weaves his fingers together. He gets this concerned look on his face like he is concentrating so hard. Poor little guy, such a simpleton. And, of course, the doorway jumpster. I am finally getting a little bit done around the house thanks to this thing. Billy, Annie, you guys rock. Best present ever. He really gets going on that thing. The funny thing is, when he is ready to get out, he starts whining and kicking, which makes him bounce more, which makes him angrier, etc. Obviously I don’t let this go on for any amount of time, but it is funny to see.

Alright. Obviously, nothing is going on here. I’ll post some new pictures soon.

A Week of Firsts

Okay, I’m sorry for not posting for a while, but I have good excuses! Namely, visiting with family and being sick. Yes, one of those “firsts” is the first time I got sick with a stomach virus while trying to take care of an infant. This was not a pleasant first, but thanks to Andrew, Milo was not neglected. Which brings me to our next first:
Is that Milo in his doorway jumper for the first time, you ask? Why yes, it is! While I was hugging the porcelain god, Milo was enjoying a good jump! I could hear him giggling all the way upstairs… at least one of us was having fun.

The other “firsts” this week were our first family Christmas tree (Milo enjoys looking at all the pretty shiny things), Milo’s first snow (I have not taken him out in it yet, it’s only sticking to the cars so far), and Milo putting himself to bed at night!

Now for some more cousin pictures from last Saturday. Ryan and Kristin came down for the Army/Navy game while we watched Lizzy and Ava. Reina was missed. And yes, Ava was there, but managed to evade all pictures, but that is her hand there in the upper left corner!

Lizzy after a long day of playing…
We enjoyed family time and especially dinner after the game with Ryan & Kristin. Hope to see you around the holidays!

One Unhappy Bum

Last night and today have been rough for little Milo. He had a reaction to the vaccines he received yesterday, and had a fever of 100.6 last night. Poor little guy just couldn’t get comfortable. He’s been very fussy today, too, but at least his fever went down. I’ve never seen him so unhappy and it broke my heart! I am not looking forward to all of the days and nights I know we will spend cleaning up vomit and who knows what else… but I know they are coming. I have a new respect for parents everywhere!