Earlier this week, Milo came home with the much-anticipated Sophia, his preschool class mascot. She came with a bag of clothes and a notebook full of pictures of friends who had taken her places before- one of Sophia on a swing, one of her making cupcakes, another of Sophia in her pajamas with a different friend, watching a movie.

Milo has taken such good care of her; changing her clothes, setting her up on the couch under a blanket with a friend, sharing books with her, even tucking her in at night in a doll cradle beside his bed. And of course, he wanted to take her on a real adventure, so we chose the Magic House. I let him know ahead of time that Sophia was his responsibility, that I would be carrying Emil on my back, a camera, and my bag, and would also need a hand free (imagine!). And so, with a little brainstorming, we fashioned a wrap out of an old swaddling blanket for Milo to carry Sophia on his back, baby-style.

Oliver needed a baby too.

So the three of us, each with a baby strapped to our backs, conquered the Magic House- climbing, exploring, sliding, and building. And I must say (if they choose to be), these boys will be fantastic papas some day.

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  1. What cute boys! They most definitely will make amazing papas one day if the choose to do so. They are going to make someone very happy with their loving hearts as well. Once again I must say what an amazing mother you are.

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