(Holiday) Weekend Shenanigans


This weekend was so slow and nice and easy. Andrew was out of town for a few days at the end of last week, so when he returned late Friday night all he wanted to do was relax and enjoy some down time — which was fine by me! Having the boys home for winter break is such a treat. They enjoyed a pajama half-day at school on Friday, and when I picked them up they were beaming from ear to ear (well, except for Milo, but he perked up pretty fast!). They all love their school, but we were all missing each other a little bit, so it will be nice to have all the time in the world together until January.


Friday afternoon I took the boys over to my best buddy’s house so we could join forces without our husbands, letting the kids exchange gifts and eat pizza and play together while we hung out laughing and chatting in the kitchen. It was such a nice impromptu gathering, making me remember how grateful I am for her friendship and her presence in my life. Good friends are just priceless. Plus, Emil kept us laughing hard as he yelled at the top of his lungs into a toy phone about the injustices of the world; when we asked him who he was so angry at, he promptly answered: “The white man.” Ha! Oh, dear. He also, obviously, wore a Santa hat from Thursday night until Sunday night straight. And he did the dishes while wearing it:

The boys surprised us by being mostly calm and studious, working from craft to craft all weekend long, producing paintings and drawings, Christmas ornaments, gifts, and elaborate bottle cap designs, then trading and playing with them. And the holidays are officially in full swing now that we’ve watched Christmas Vacation by the fire. I was impressed that Emil held the above position throughout the entire film. DSC_0083DSC_0141DSC_0014

Really feeling loved and grateful for our friends, who kept dropping by unexpectedly with presents and delicious food on Sunday! Thanks Elisha, Ingrid, and Kim! I love you ladies!

Hope this Monday finds you happy, healthy, and full of holiday cheer!

Music Monday

Sylvan Esso: Coffee — I was blown away when I first heard this song on NPR (of course) and have been hooked ever since.

My Brightest Diamond: Pressure — I just can’t even… this song is awesome. Plus, I think the video is pretty awesome too.

Sia: Chandelier — If you follow Jess over at House Inhabit, you’ve probably already seen this video. The little girl dancing in it is disturbing and incredibly talented. I also just really love the song. Thanks, Jess, for introducing me to Sia!

Happy Friday!

DSC_0030DSC_0032DSC_0033Thoroughly enjoyed the boys’ winter concert last night… they were all dressed up together on stage, singing their little hearts out, and Emil and Oliver got to bring home the Santa hats they wore during “Here Comes Santa Claus.” Emil decided, obviously, that this hat was going to bed with him.

And are you ready? It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Woo!

Dress That Mama


Mixing up the wardrobe these days to make everything (kind of) work together. As the weather grows cooler, layers are much appreciated. This time it’s a long-sleeved striped tee under a denim shell that I was wearing a lot in the warmer fall months. Breaking all the rules with black and navy. But obviously those rules are meant to be broken — winter white being at the top of my list!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Baked Eggs


It’s no secret how much I love eggs. When I was a poor college student, I caught quite a bit of flak from my roommates for my egg consumption. But hey, eggs are cheap, easy, satisfying, and delicious. There are so many ways to prepare them, I’m sure I’ll never get tired of them.

SlowMama just linked to Smitten Kitchen’s shakshuka recipe yesterday, the same day I discovered I had not a lot of time to make a spicy tomato sauce from scratch, but just enough time to dump a small jar of really yummy fresh garlic-roasted tomato sauce into a baking dish along with some marinated feta cheese. I baked it at 350 for 10 minutes, then added two eggs and turned the heat to broil for 3 minutes. Served with some crusty bread, it was the best lunch! Nothing like something warm and savory on a chilly day.


What’s warming your belly these days?

Weekend Shenanigans


Andrew surprised me with an early Christmas present —a new 35mm lens for our camera. I spent a good deal of time playing around with it, but I’m still experimenting a lot so the pictures may look different because of that! Obviously the resolution is better. Lately we were noticing how blurry the pictures were in some of the most recent posts with the older lens. Turns out I got a lot of use out of it and will still turn to it I’m sure, but for now I’m really enjoying taking photos with the 35mm.


We enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this weekend, but still kept a slow wintery lifestyle. The holidays are hurried and rushed enough as it is without adding to the stress. We had friends over for dinner and ate way too much, let the kids stay up late, slept in a bit later than usual (7:30ish) and as planned, spent a lot of time outside. Emil wore a bat costume for most of the weekend, interspersed with costume-changes into Batman (completely different), the Flash, a chicken, and several different pairs of pajamas paired with cowboy boots, sandals, or snow boots. The boys watched the old version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It completely blew Emil’s mind.


Andrew has gotten into the Christmas spirit for sure — the Christmas music situation at our house has already gotten out of hand, if you ask me. On Saturday, Oliver and I walked in the front door greeted by a blaring “Holly Jolly Christmas” only to find the house was actually empty since Andrew had taken Emil and Milo on a long walk to the library. I had an intervention come Sunday to head off the inevitable head explosion I was fearing would happen. We’re cutting down to 23 hours a day, so, there’s progress.


On Sunday the boys played independently all day, from sunrise til sundown. They had a friend over for most of the day and I was so amused listening in on their games and ideas. It all culminated in a group smash-fest on the back deck, during which all four little boys pounded bottle caps until they were flat on top of an old log. I have no idea, but they sure were happy…

Looking forward to getting a few packages out in the mail this week and sending out the rest of our Christmas cards. Oh boy! Have a lovely Monday!

Happy Friday!


Here we go, into the last weekend before the boys’ holiday break starts. I am excited to see friends we haven’t seen in a while and spend some time outside! If you still have holiday shopping left, check out this review of 5 children’s books over at The Washington Post that went up yesterday. It was a lot of fun to do — not much is better than reading through the eye candy of these five. And have a wonderful weekend.

Emil, 3 Years + 3 Months


Emil is the funniest little guy. I constantly hear from his teachers how expressive he is, especially when it comes to his feelings. Lately, he has been singing interesting versions of Christmas songs pretty much constantly throughout the day. It takes much restraint to keep from laughing out loud (he does not appreciate being laughed at — who does?).

Emil: A snowflake just be mad at me. So I be sad. Then I be strustrated (frustrated). 


(To me in the car on the way to school): You know, Mama, you grow smaller and smaller until you are a baby. Then I be big and take care of you. I be your papa and I drive this car! 

(Also in the car, after I pointed out the pretty sunrise): I did dat with my paint-bwush! I fwew up yike Superman and painted it for you!


If a cwokodile eat me, I be dead. Then you won’t see me anymore. 


 There was a bad guy in my c-yoset (closet). But now he’s nice.

Mama! Fwee-year-owds can do dis! (jumps onto the couch)


The things I will miss most about Emil at this age are his truly passionate hugs and kisses, his constantly telling every one of us how much he loves us, and the costumes. Always with the costumes.

We sure do love you, Emil.

Dress That Mama


Ah, stripes. No matter what’s trending, I just love ‘em. Here’s what I wore last Saturday when we went to breakfast and then to pick out our Christmas tree. The weather was mild enough to forgo tights, but this outfit looks equally good with thigh-high fleece stockings or tights for the upcoming freezing days.

DSC_0035As usual, wearing this necklace (c/o Mariah from Everything Golden), which would make a great Christmas present if you’re stumped on what to get the friend or sister in your life –plus, they do the prettiest gift wrapping!).

Striped dress: Madewell (sold out, similar herehere or here — I had an impossible time trying to find a striped dress with pockets, but will update if I find one!)

Boots: Rachel Comey (sold out, find similar here)

Hat: Anthropologie (similar here)

Sweater: Again, sold out — find similar here

Have a very happy Wednesday!