The Gift of Accountability


I recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post on the importance of holding our children accountable for their actions, particularly when they make choices that hurt others. It was inspired by something that happened almost a year ago and has stuck with Milo, as he still brings it up today.

If you have a moment and are interested, check it out here. And have a wonderful day.

Montessori-Inspired: Watercolors



Not too long ago, I attended open house at the boys’ school and was delighted to follow first Emil, then Milo and Oliver, through some of the work they do throughout the day. While Milo and Oliver chose math lessons to share with me (which blew my mind and made me wish I had been taught the way they are being taught), Emil chose three-part word cards (a beginning lesson on reading) and watercolors.

The watercolors were set up much like the above picture: paintbrushes, drying cloths, watercolors, paper, and watercolor pencils on a tray with a vessel for water. He has been coming home with so many paintings, I decided it was time to give him this option at home in a similar set-up.

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Dress That Mama: Blue and Green


Yesterday, on the second-to-last day of November, I got into the holiday spirit. It was warm for this time of year, which was perfect for getting the front of the house covered in greenery (I did this last year in freezing temperatures and because you can’t wear mittens doing this type of work, by the end of the ordeal my little fingers were frozen stiff!). I also brought some indoors, though less than last year as it dries out like kindling by the end of the month. Though I wasn’t planning for an outfit post, I love how the blues, lavender, and turquoise in this dress go with the Christmas greenery, so Oliver and Milo took these pictures for me! Aren’t they sweet?

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Laumeier Sculpture Park in Autumn



The Friday after Thanksgiving, while Andrew worked from home, I took the boys for a little hike at Laumeier Sculpture Park. Milo had recently visited with the other third-years at his school and wanted to show us the big empty swimming pool where he and his friends had run and played for their recess. Continue reading “Laumeier Sculpture Park in Autumn”