(Memorial Day) Weekend Shenanigans


Woo! What a way to kick off summer! We were so lucky to have wonderful weather after what felt like a solid week of rain and spent the weekend right. We went to the community pool on opening day, then spent Sunday with our close group of neighbors at one of the neighbor’s parent’s house (shown in all of the pictures). They were so gracious to let us use their beautiful outdoor space while they were out of town, which kind of made us all feel like a group of giddy high schoolers having a raging party while the parents were away… only with 9 children running around (and another on the way).


I know I talk about this group often here on the blog, but it’s hard to explain just how close we four families have become over the past year. Seriously, these people are the whole package: funny, smart, open-minded, helpful, generous, and just so much fun. We started hanging out so naturally, just gathering on sidewalks and front lawns and the playground last summer, only to realize that it was more than proximity — we all really, really like each other and wanted to hang out even without kids. So during the colder months, we started a tradition of getting babysitters and going out together once a month. It has become something we make time to do, and now that the weather is warm and we’re all outdoors again, we see even more of each other. It just keeps getting better and better. Our kids look out for each other (and bicker like siblings) and I love that there are so many adults we trust also looking out for our kids (and we’re looking out for theirs!). It’s what I’ve always imagined a neighborhood could be — and we feel so lucky to be a part of it. DSC_0010DSC_0023DSC_0088

We managed to get our first (and what I imagine is the first of many in the coming years) group shot with everyone. Here’s the gang. We love you guys! Thank you for making our lives so sweet right now. As Emil would say, “You’re the best!”


Happy Memorial Day. We hope you are surrounded by love.



Spending our days with Emil means a whole lot of laughter. The things that come out of this kid’s mouth! I promise you, dinnertime is never dull, with all of us nearly spitting our food out from laughing at his antics. It really is true that the youngest in the family tend to be the funniest, most entertaining little creatures! Here are a few things Emil has said lately:

(While unwrapping a Babybel cheese he was about to have as a snack) Matthew hates Babybels because he hates babies. I was a baby once, and he hated me. (Matthew is one of Emil’s closest friends at school)

I’m MELLLLLLLLTTTTTTTING down! (crying, while walking to the front door after a very long, tiring day)

Mom, what is my body made of? Well, flesh, blood, and bone, mostly. Nope. Mine is made of gummies. 


What are belly buttons for? Bacteria? 

Look at me! I’m a piece of toast! (said while jumping up and down… )

(To one of his beloved circus teachers) You can’t use the smallest potty in the world. It’s been shrinked! 

(To another beloved circus teacher on a different day) Can I stand on your face? No, you can not stand on my face. Well, I could if you lay down… 

Mammmmaaaaaaa! (yelling from the bathroom) Do dogs like stinky bottoms? 

(Singing) We didn’t start the fire, the world keeps turning and the balls keep burning… We didn’t start the fire… 


Mom, there’s something good— Mom, I’m the teacher — there’s something good here: the squid FARTED! Mom, watch this, it’s gonna kiss me! (While playing with his toy squid in the bathtub and using suction to make noises underwater)

(After school one day, about one of his teachers): Mom, Mrs. Jente is coming over to our house today. IF her mom and dad say she can. 

(When asked to clean up a huge mess of Legos): Oh! I didn’t make that mess. Emil did. (He was dressed as Fireman Bob at the time. Touché.)

(While on a long hike, after watching 4 very fit shirtless men run by on the trail): Look at allllllll those belly buttons (wistfully)

DSC_0011Is this yucky, Mom? (Farts in the tub. For real.) HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

This is my bath towel. It says, Fire. Chief. I’m a fire chief. 

(At the dinner table, after Oliver got up from the table and cleared his plate) Oliver lives in a different town. He lives in Mrs. Drew’s house. 

(The first thing he says to me one day when he wakes up): When you die, your nose just DROPS OFF! Really! It does. 

(Taking my face in his hands before bedtime) Mama, you have a lovely head. Now you tell me a story.  


You have a lovely head, too, my Emil.

P.s. — Emil-isms from two years ago

Dress That Mama Challenge, Day 9: Tie-Back



I love Elizabeth Suzann’s Crop top (Maxine Crop in Raw Silk), but I realized my vintage silk top (which I picked up for $40 in Chicago) could be tied back in a similar fashion to create the same look! I think it’s so pretty with high-waisted jeans.

Top: Vintage

Jeans: Imogene + Willie (Elizabeth — sold out wash, but similar here)

Clog Booties: Rachel Comey

The Midnight Zone


Image from The New Yorker, illustration by Jason Holley

My friend Janelle sent me the link to Lauren Groff’s short story The Midnight Zonewhich I immediately listened to first thing in the morning while my boys played in the other room. A wonderful, beautiful story. If you have half an hour, listen. It’s captivating and touching (and terrifying, in that mother way). And have a wonderful day.

Favorite Kids Brand: Lennon and Wolfe


As my boys get older, I’m finding it harder and harder to find good quality, basic clothes for them. There is an outpouring of wonderful baby brands coming out, but my boys have all outgrown them! But recently, I found Lennon and Wolfe, an LA-based clothing company that states, “Kids are people too. Their their style and comfort matters.”


And comfortable they are! Their Dylan tee comes in muted yellow, stripe, pink, grey, shadow, blue, and cream, and are the softest tees I’ve ever touched. I also like the slimmer fit — none of those boxy tees that shrink up higher and higher with every wash (but if your kids have broader shoulders, size up!). Oliver wears his blue tee so often, I’m anxiously hoping it makes it through the summer (so he can hand his down to Emil). I ordered a few for Milo, as they only go up to size 8 (though some of the other styles go up to size 12) and this will be the last summer he fits into them.


And while I find the other products they sell just too expensive for kids’ clothing, these basic tees are worth it. Find Lennon & Wolfe clothing at Barney’s, eggy, Family Store, Ollie + Me, Ethel + Row, Sweet William, and more!