Happy Friday!


Well, it suddenly (thankfully) feels like fall around here! After a really hot September, we ring in October tomorrow– the best month out of the whole year, in my opinion — with chilly mornings and evenings, pulling out those warm blankets to snuggle under when the open windows have made it oh-so-cold inside. I have already been baking up a storm and the whole house smells so good.

Also, we harvested our gourds (yes, they are supposed to turn black like that) so that they can weather the winter. We will make them into bird houses and all sorts of things in the spring once they’re completely dried and we’ve scrubbed them clean. I’m looking forward to that project!


We’re looking forward to plenty of outside time this weekend, including a bonfire with friends and I’m sure plenty of skateboarding at the playground. Milo and Oliver bought their first skateboards with some birthday money, and now they practice every chance they get. Of course, Emil hopped on and immediately got the hang of it, ha! I’m hoping for no stitches…


Enjoy your weekend, and welcome, October!

Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios


It’s no secret that I love a good coffee shop. And lucky for us, St. Louis is full of them! Recently, a good friend moved to Maplewood, a cute neighborhood 2 miles south of Washington University and Forest Park. Tucked in a block north of Manchester is Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios, a down-to-earth, creative, perfect place to gather for coffee or tea with friends. Continue reading “Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios”

Dress That Mama: Ruffles & Linen


This new version of our style series is just taking off, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the freedom and exploration it has brought so far. Shooting on location has given me the push I needed to explore some interesting corners of St. Louis I never knew existed! Continue reading “Dress That Mama: Ruffles & Linen”

Apple Custard Pie


We have been neck-deep in apples for about a month now, with the last of our giving tree’s gifts just now tapering off for the season. We have made applesauce, apple butter, apple cheddar hand pies, and four apple custard pies; I think you will love this last one! We took one to a picnic in the park recently and it got rave reviews.  Continue reading “Apple Custard Pie”

This Wild Place


What started as a neat and tidy garden years ago has evolved into some sort of wild mess– a tangle of vines and flowers with vegetables sprinkled in for good measure. Years ago, the sight of this chaos would have given me an anxiety attack; yet now, the garden… and other things … are allowed to work their way into the entropy inevitable to all natural things.  Continue reading “This Wild Place”