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I’m sorry for the crickets around here! I have been trying to find the right balance between family life, documenting our own lives through this blog, and the Montessori blog I took over back in October 2016.

While I still plan to post occasionally here, if you’d like to follow along, check out Villa di Maria’s Blog, where I post 4 days a week about parenting topics, Montessori lessons, community, and child development. It’s been a joy to be part of something I am so passionate about (Montessori education), and to channel my loves of photography, writing, and children into one creative outlet! Thanks for following along!

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  1. I appreciate so much about Montessori practices. It’s not in our budget to send our kids but I will look forward to checking out your new blog every now and again for some inspiration of what I can do at home.

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