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It’s been a long while since I’ve felt drawn to blogging here, and as the time passes, I am less and less pulled to this space and more reflective about why. It has been nice to guard my heart a bit more, to not be vulnerable, to hold some things closer to my chest, but mostly to respect my children’s privacy as they grow older.

There is this point, and I’ve certainly reached it with Milo in particular as he comes closer to turning ten years old, where my children’s stories no longer seem like mine to tell. There’s an awareness within him that I want to respect. The other two are not far behind. It’s an interesting thing, to experience looking back on this blog while sitting right next to them. They enjoy laughing at the interviews and funny stories, and sometimes ask to look back on a particular post to read or peruse photos. They never express embarrassment, but I feel that if I continued sharing them with the world in this way, they would come to resent it. Listening to that mother’s intuition has always been my way to navigate these things, so I will go with it, even if it means pulling back from this space.

All in all, this blog has been a good thing. It has helped me through some trying times as a mother, has connected me to so many wonderful people. It has opened doors for me I never even realized were available. It has helped me see my own life through new eyes. I will always cherish it – not only the physical evidence of it, but the process of it all.


My heart is so full. I often look at my life – my husband, my family, my community, my beautiful children, my job, my friends – and can’t believe my luck. It’s a beautiful life, and I will not take any of it for granted. Andrew and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this Saturday, April 22nd. 10 years married, 18 years together! This blog will turn 10 years old in October. It feels like a good place to stop.

Thank you for reading along after all these years!

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  1. I understand that completely – I rarely post about my children on my blog, although I do share photos on IG (for now). I ask their permission for each one though.

    We must have started blogging around the same time. My first post was in August 2007, so I guess I’ll have ten years under my belt this fall as well.

    Congratulations on ten years! April is such a gorgeous month – it’s really my favorite. Happy anniversary to you both.

    (unrelated, but I’ve been meaning to email you and just haven’t gotten around to it. Have you been to R.Ege Antiques on Sidney Street? I love his shop window displays, and I just think you’d LOVE this months. It makes me think of you. I’ll try to remember to take a photo.)

  2. This makes me so sad. I have been enjoying your blog and in particular your style. Wishing you all the best. Hope to still see you around on Instagram.

  3. I am so delighted to have you on instagram! But I do miss blogging; my blog, your blog, and a handful of others. It’s such a deeper and more intimate way of expressing and connecting… but there is that awkward line of privacy with children as they grow out of toddlerhood and into people. I feel it on instagram too sometimes, although to a much lesser degree.

    Pretty sure I’ve read every post you wrote for the last 5 years! Glad I’ll still get a chance to check in with you guys, in whatever form of social media I can get 🙂

    1. I know, Lilly, it really is hard! I feel the same way about your blog – I think I’ve also read every word of yours for the past 5 years, since the day I found it. My how this whole thing has shifted! I do enjoy a bit more anonymity on Instagram, though, and feel I can be a little more private there! See you around, friend!

  4. I just found your blog recently and have been enjoying it so much! It has been wonderful to find a place where I can read about Montessori, plants, books and motherhood- all interests close to my heart. Thank you for sharing your writing and perspective.

  5. Oh, that makes me sad… though I do of course totally understand and respect your decision! It’s just that another favourite blog of mine is going quiet, and I somehow haven’t discovered many new blogs with the same amount of open honesty, sharing both hardships and beautiful moments. Your blog voice will be missed!
    I wish you and your beautiful family all the best, and hope to be able to follow you on Instagram a little bit more…

  6. Dear Lauren, this is some sad news I’ve been dreading for a while since you’ve become quieter. As strange as it sounds to someone like me who doesn’t use social media really, I’ll miss your blog quite a bit, I already have these past weeks and months. It makes me think about relationships in the digital age and the fluidity of it all. Thank you so much for the honesty of your words, the beauty of your pictures and the purity of your thoughts. Best wishes to you and your family from across the ocean. Goodbye, I’ll miss you in this strange way of the digital age!

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