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Hello there! I hope your weekend went well. Today is the last day of the boys’ holiday break before they go back to school, and I must say that I am really going to miss having them around all day! We listened to a whole lot of music since we stayed home so much, so I thought I would do my best to start up Music Mondays again. Here are three that have been playing over and over in our house.

Last War” – Haley Bonar. I am a huge fan of Haley, and I am lucky enough to have hung out with her a few times when she has visited St. Louis. She is not only an incredible musician, but also just a very cool, very down-to-earth lady. This song is one of my favorites, plus the video is pretty bad-ass!

Tiny Desk Concert Series – Shovels & Rope – I first heard about them through Jess (thank you, Jess). This husband and wife duo of Carry Ann Hearst and Michael Trent is on repeat around here- their energy is amazing (skip ahead to 5:40 for one of my favorites: Birmingham and 10:45 for high-energy song Bad Luck) and always gets Milo dancing with me in the kitchen while I cook! I can’t wait to see them here at Off Broadway in February. Woo!

Covered in Dust” – Andy Shauf- I find his pure voice so appealing- but I must say that my absolute favorite songs are those which include his clarinet. I couldn’t find my favorite version of “Drink My Rivers” from his album The Bearer of Bad News online, but trust me when I tell you it’s worth a listen on Spotify or if you can find it elsewhere.

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  1. Oh wonderful! I will definitely put effort into sharing the music we love. Noelle, so good to hear from you! I have missed seeing pictures of your beautiful little Gloria since I quit Facebook… hope you are well!

  2. Thanks Lauren! Gloria is getting so big. And we have a new little girl, Wren! She was born 12/9. I don’t know how you juggle three so close in age! I am seriously impressed.

  3. I absolutely adored watching and listening to shovels and rope. Their energy is fantastic and music pulled at my heart strings. Apparently hubs already knew about their magic and failed to share with them with me. Or maybe it’s pregnancy brain. Either way I am so glad you shared this:)

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