Snow! We have been cozied up for the past couple of days with lots of snow. What went from mildly cold went quickly to sub-zero temperatures, the cold seeping through the very walls of our house while I read On The Banks of Plum Creek out loud to Milo and Oliver before bedtime. We just so happened to be reading about the 4-day blizzard in Minnesota where Pa found himself stranded outdoors and had to hole up in a snow bank for 3 days. We definitely felt grateful after that!  DSC_0118




We spent the weekend mostly indoors. When it wasn’t below freezing, we were outside playing in the snow. Totally unprompted, Milo went out and shoveled our walkways and our entire back deck! But on Sunday, the weather was not so friendly. We had a neighbor friend over for the majority of the afternoon, and the four boys had a blast. We also watched reruns of the old version of Dennis the Menace, and let me tell you, we all enjoyed it equally. That Mr. Wilson was onto something. DSC_0005




Today is a snow day, of course, so we will be coming up with some fun indoor activities, shoveling the rest of the van out of the snow drifts, and baking some peanut butter cookies. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. When I read the phrase, “Pa found himself stranded outdoors and had to hole up in a snow bank for 3 days”, I was immediately convinced that Andrew survived three days under a snow bank. Of course, the scenario was only possible in my mind because Andrew would plausibly survive in just such a way. Rereading and looking at the pictures, I realized that Pa is a character in the book. Which was a relief…

  2. Garriy, that is hilarious! And yeah, I’m pretty sure Andrew would have survived had he found himself in this situation. Luckily, it was just the story!

  3. Having spied Andrew walking to work without a hat or gloves on days that most human beings require such, I’m going to also vote that, yes, he would survive and return home laughing about it. Also, Papa Bear with his cubs pictures are wicked cute.

  4. Loving the snow! Ours just got wrecked by rain, but we enjoyed it while it lasted. James always works on snow days, which is such a bummer because there’s nothing like a bonus day of lazy snuggles and rolls in the snow. Enjoy it!

  5. We got 12 inches of snow in ten hours on Sunday- it was crazy. And now the temperature is at -15. With windchill it’s -35. I was just saying that I haven’t seen temperatures like that outside a Little House on the Prairie book. There’s just something about a winter catastrophe that brings Laura to mind.

  6. Ami, man you guys got slammed! And so true about the Little House books- nothing like reading about their hardships to make you feel like a total wuss!

  7. The picture with your dog made it look like a pretend world. Nothing could be that pristine and cute!

    By the way, long time ago…I wanted to say keep posting the dress that mama because even though you feel like you have shown all the combinations, that is what makes it so inspiring!

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