Dress That Mama: Pendleton


Sometimes one accessory can update your entire wardrobe. I’ve been swooning over the entire Portland Collection over at Pendleton, and have had my eye on this scarf with neutral creams, tans, and shades of red because, if you know my style, you know this fits right in.

I was jumping for joy when it finally went on sale (at Conifer) and barely had it in the budget to finally get it. Though this version is sold out online, some of their other similar scarves are still in stock. I have one other Pendleton scarf that I somehow managed to nab from Anthropologie on sale a couple of years ago for $15!!! I wear it quite a lot, and can vouch for its quality. I also highly recommend Pendleton blankets. They will last a lifetime. DSC_0020

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this until I’m 85, should I last that long! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. The scarf looks so cozy! The colors are a great addition to a neutral wardrobe. I agree on the quality of their items, I have one of their blankets 🙂

  2. Great scarf. We have dear friends that gave us baby blankets from Pendleton for each child (although W stole Ruby’s in addition to his own!), and they’re so beautiful and cozy. Timeless.

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