Elizabeth Suzann Fall 2016


Nashville clothing designer Liz Pape has released her most recent pieces for fall and winter: the Elizabeth Suzann Cold Weather Collection, and it is so good! The design and quality of Pape’s clothing really shines, and I’m a huge fan of the neutral palate this fall.


Check out the whole collection here, and read more about the process, including the story of their domestically-sourced wool, here.

Have a wonderful fall weekend!

Photos from Elizabeth Suzann

Five Dolls for Boys


A long time ago, when Milo was just a baby, I bought a little doll. I had just found out I was pregnant with Oliver, and I wanted Milo to get used to the idea of nurturing a little brother. He took the doll from me, glanced at it, then threw it into the corner of the room, where it lay face down for the next few days before I picked it up and tried again, modeling holding, cooing over, and rocking the baby. No dice. He just wasn’t into it. It wasn’t a big deal, and guess what? He still became an awesome big brother (twice over). Continue reading “Five Dolls for Boys”