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DSC_0081DSC_0075IMG_0115What a weekend! Beautiful weather with chilly fall nights… October is the best! On Friday, the older boys participated in their first elementary camp out. Andrew and I joked about needing to keep our phones close by in case anyone met illness or injury. Half joking, half serious, I remembered the conversation as I reached for my phone at 12am to respond to a text from one of Milo’s teachers; he was coughing and couldn’t sleep. It could have been worse; there was a campfire there. A sleepy car-ride there and back, a tearful and disappointed Milo back in his own bed by 1am, then a somewhat failed attempt to fall back to sleep all resulted in a crabby Saturday morning. We all trekked back out to pick up Oliver, who looked exhausted but happy. The whole campground/schoolyard was ablaze in sunlight and quickly warming. I was reminded of how much we love their school, their teachers, their classmates, all of it. It’s a good feeling to entrust your children into the care of people you admire…

Which segues well into the next part of our weekend: circus class.

DSC_0010DSC_0016All three boys are doing well and progressing and loving their classes, but Milo paves the way just by being oldest. His movement forward into the next level opens up a new world for us all every time. I’m continually amazed and humbled by this community and the attention they are willing and able to give each student, as well as the open arms we are greeted with. It is a place of learning and teamwork, of course, but it is different from other institutions we have experienced. Here, it’s like a family. DSC_0039DSC_0054And what they are learning, to trust each other, to listen, to humble themselves and to recognize the strength in others, are all things we want our boys to learn as they grow. They are learning how to use their bodies and to be confident, but they are also learning character. I am so proud of them, and so proud of this piece of St. Louis.

DSC_0064DSC_0069DSC_0070DSC_0087DSC_0088DSC_0085DSC_0082DSC_0096On Saturday we enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors at our house and enjoyed a little fire in the fire pit on our back deck. Welcoming new people into our inner circle felt refreshing and special. Sunday was more laid back, which we needed, and we spent most of it outside. Monday was a holiday from school, so I gathered up the boys nice and early with chocolate croissants from Comet Coffee (per request from Oliver, who described them as the best because they are so “flaky and tender and chocolatey” ha ha!) and headed to the Botanical Garden, where we haven’t visited in so long. It was nice and quiet, hardly anyone there for the whole morning, surprisingly. DSC_0097DSC_0102DSC_0115DSC_0116DSC_0120It reminded me of old times, when all three boys were home with me all the time, before full-time school, before any sort of schedules. And there we were, me taking the same pictures only with older boys, them jumping the same ways, only slightly higher, slightly farther. With longer hair and longer limbs, as though someone stretched them from crown to heel, right down to the hairs on their heads. It made me wonder where this blog is headed, if anywhere, other than a place to watch (as Milla so accurately described once) a life unfold. And I think I’m okay with that for now, as long as my boys are (or will hopefully be). But I’m beginning to understand that their place here is going to become less and less detailed and much more private as they grow older, out of respect for them. DSC_0132DSC_0133DSC_0139DSC_0148DSC_0159DSC_0168DSC_0175But for now, it unfolds. DSC_0182

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  1. Those are my favorite flowers at the garden right now – I love the purple ones, but the white ones in the first photo are so sweet too. This morning when I was walking F to school I was already wishing it was Wednesday morning and we were walking in the garden.

    I love school camping trips – we went hiking as a family on Sunday, and while we were walking my husband and oldest were listing all the camping places they’ve been over the years. (My husband always volunteers to go as a chaperone!) The little one is SO excited to start camping with school – it’s different than camping with your family, so fun to plan and prepare the meals together, hiking, journaling, staying up late around the campfire.

    Your kids ARE stretching, no doubt. I managed to watch a little of your FYI show – I could watch it on my phone even though we don’t have that channel. The boys look so little there – and I know it wasn’t really that long ago. It’s quick, isn’t it, and sort of bittersweet.

    Let’s freeze this weather, it’s perfect.

  2. Such good shenanigans, girl! Ps. Charlie found me something very classic and plain at the dump and I was all like “Lauren!!! I’m gonna channel Lauren!!!” I’m such a clothes nerd :’D

  3. Love that they go camping with their school. My first experience (apart from my parents) was at summer camp in second grade. So fun! And it is indeed a place to watch all of your lives unfold, which is delightful 🙂

  4. OMG, after reading Kristin’s comment I just downloaded your TV show and it was such fun to watch! I love your house (had never seen the front elevation so clearly), and laughed when they were showing the dramatically scored shots of the kids in front of the computer because all I saw were these beautiful young profiles… what gorgeous boys!

    You guys are so sweet together, seems like a very cool experience. I’m not surprised you got rave reviews from the expert.

    PS. You aren’t really scared of pit toilets and no running water are you?!? Some day we will just have to go camping, nothing to fear 😉

  5. Ha, ha! Lilly, I’m so glad you liked it! We had a blast doing it, and no, I’m not scared of pit toilets and no running water. In fact, I’ve peed in the woods more times than I can count… ah, all in the name of reality TV!

    But yes, I agree with the camping bit. I have a lot to learn, and look to you as the expert camper! 🙂

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