Circus Weekend Shenanigans


Circus performances for all this weekend! All three of our boys had shows, which was very special since Emil is now in on the action. And boy, did he take advantage of the limelight! Being the youngest in his class, he hammed it up and made the crowd go wild for unexpected reasons (the goofiest faces, smiles, and positions). Perhaps his next act should be clowning. DSC_0222DSC_0241DSC_0095DSC_0076DSC_0077

Andrew’s mom drove all the way from Ohio to see the boys perform, and they really enjoyed having her here. We all enjoyed having her here! It was so much fun to share this part of our life with her — turns out we spend a long time at this place lately!

Milo’s show was pretty impressive. He and his partner have been working so hard on their partner acrobatics act. And Andrew has taken time every night (even from afar while he was out of town for the entirety of last week) to help walk Milo through it all, practicing handstands and hula hooping. The difficulty in the balancing and body awareness required for the act took a lot of work and made us all appreciate what the higher level circus kids do, how they make it look so effortless when indeed it is the opposite. DSC_0253DSC_0336DSC_0349DSC_0332DSC_0323DSC_0318DSC_0307DSC_0290DSC_0284DSC_0368DSC_0376 

They did a great job, we all had a blast, and now we look forward to the last week of school before holiday break! The gift-giving, the dinners with friends, the celebrating of those we love, the excitement of Christmas morning. I’m ready for it all (though admittedly, not on top of the present part yet)! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That’s incredible!!! Way to go to all three of them but especially Milo! Impressive! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Lauren!!

  2. So impressive! And Milo’s partner too – wow! I love watching how kids interact together on a stage – it’s such a team effort, particularly in this type of performance. It reminds me of large scale cheerleading competitions – cheerleading is one of those things that never interested me, and that a part of me finds ridiculous (ok fine, a large part). But I can remember seeing videos of competition teams and I’m always amazed by how strong they are – and how much effort and skill it takes to build towers and pyramids out of bodies. And then safely disassemble those towers! Maybe that’s why I like Circus Flora so much, I love watching the kids perform and flip and climb and spin – you know, minus the skimpy outfits and big hair and rah-rah-rah’s.

    Good luck on this last week of crazy. I’m feeling it despite fighting it.

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