Weekend Shenanigans


It was a very lazy, very cold weekend here in St. Louis! We were pretty let down on Saturday when the promise of snow– big, fat, clumps of wet snowflakes falling from the sky for a couple of hours– led to nothing but some puddles which promptly froze to the ground solid. We had been hoping for 2 – 4 inches, but oh, well. Maybe next time! DSC_0595DSC_0616DSC_0617DSC_0619

Sunday was too cold to do much of anything, honestly. We all spent the day huddled near the radiators and under blankets on the couch or spread out on the floor, not wanting to leave the house unless absolutely necessary! Our big old house is really drafty, we were reminded, and since the temperature hadn’t dropped too low yet this season, it is going to take a few days to get used to all the bundling up and layering that is necessary when it’s 10 degrees outside!

But like the holiday break, the laziness was nice and slow and purposeful. We had plenty of good food to eat, books to read, games to play. The only thing missing was a fire in our fireplace — we have all been missing that! Can’t wait to get the chimney cleaned and fixed up so we can up the coziness in here. DSC_0596

I snapped a few pictures of Milo before making him go back inside for a decent coat, gloves, and boots (and to force him off the trampoline out of worry that the sub-freezing temperatures could crack parts of the support underneath — yikes!). Emil was the only one completely unfazed by the cold. He dressed himself in a warm snowsuit, hat, mittens, and boots, and spent the better part of the morning outside talking to himself while prying up chunks of ice from our back deck. Little kids are so great, so in the moment and accepting of all the world has to offer (even if the rest of us are shivering and yearning for a hot bath)!

Have a wonderful Monday, whatever the weather!

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