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We’re in the middle of a complete living room rehaul. Though we’re keeping the walls a fresh white, pretty much everything else is being completely rethought. It’s been a long time coming — the vintage sofa we picked up four years ago is pretty, but barely holds four of us, let alone five, and it’s terribly uncomfortable. So we’ve finally pulled the trigger on a new couch, a sectional, only to find it is on backorder until March. So… we wait. But while we wait, I have been perusing the local antique stores around St. Louis and have found some real gems! The real goal was to find a console table (which I did), but of course I found some other things along the way.

I found a beautiful embroidered tablecloth that looks brand new for $25! Soon after, I found a crochet pillowcase with delicate rosettes all over the front — it is so feminine and delicate, I think it will compliment the more masculine style couch we’ve settled on (we had to choose something sturdy for obvious reasons). DSC_0008DSC_0005DSC_0004

A few things for the kiddos — mini copper pots and a couple of sweet books.

I can’t wait to share the living room when it is finally complete; unfortunately, that looks to be a while. I’m enjoying the process, though. Have a wonderful Thursday. We’re enjoying the first of the season’s much-anticipated snow here in St. Louis! I love how light and bright it is — it makes the cold much more tolerable.

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  1. These are lovely, I have a soft spot for embroidery and crochet since both of my grandmothers have it all over their home! I can’t wait to see the final reveal of the living room.


  2. I don’t shop antique stores very often, but when I do, I always look at the linens. I’ve got a small collection of vintage tablecloths that I love. We use them for parties and picnics – I love the fact that they are old and have flaws, minor stains, etc. It makes me completely relaxed to actually use them and not worry about ruining them.

    Those are beautiful. New furniture is always exciting – even when you have to wait a bit!

  3. Ooh! Can’t wait to see your new living room! We just got a new couch (after the cat shredded our old one… which was only about 3 years old). We decided to go leather for durability this time, and something constructed well enough that we’d want to reuplster it if it did ever get destroyed. Needless to say, day 2 of our expensive new couch, Wyatt spent 2 hour ‘nap’ time scratching drawings into it! We are getting it fixed for a small cost tho- looking at that bright side.

    Couches aside, it’s such a great feeling to revive a room. And all the more special to find unique and vintage pieces to fit the space.

  4. Excited to see your new living room! We are also changing living room furniture, so I will be interested to see what you chose.

    The little house is a favorite in this home, and the little copper pots are adorable!

  5. Jamie, my favorite place is the one on Manchester across from Kangaroo Kids… I don’t know the name of it, but it’s awesome, and in your neck of the woods! Check it out if you haven’t been!

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