Happy 4th… and New Milestones!


Happy 4th of July!

(Okay, I didn’t make it into the picture, but SOMEONE has to take the group photo, right?)


Too messy.

Though we decided to forgo the fireworks this year, we still had an amazing time with some good friends in our own backyard. In fact, we had planned to have a bigger bash, but so many people were out of town, we decided on a nice quiet cookout, some watermelon, some bubbles, and some water fun.



One of Oliver’s favorite things to do…


… and he is surprisingly good at it!


The spread- which was entirely prepared and BROUGHT to our house by our wonderful friends- you can’t go wrong with their cooking!


Milo and Oliver’s buddy Sabine

It was a relaxing time had by all. And Oliver decided to assert his independence this Independence Day by pooping on the potty for the very first time! Outside, of course.


We are so proud of you, little guy!

And I am comfortable saying that Oliver is officially potty trained! As in, he has been wearing his big-boy undies (which he calls “unnies”) for 4 days with only an accident during the first half hour of wearing them. And we have been alllllllll over town. To the zoo, out to breakfast, to Milo’s swim lessons, to a doctor’s appointment, etc. With no accidents! You can tell we are ecstatic.

I am now officially a firm believer that starting them younger is better. Milo was potty trained by 22 months, and Oliver is 23 months. I kind of think that waiting until they are older (and more set in their ways) can make for a more stubborn experience and more attachment to a diaper. So far, Oliver is very proud of himself and just tells us he has to go before he has to go. He even has the pee-pee dance down, which is quite funny to see.

And now that I have spent most of this holiday post talking about the bodily functions of my little boys, I hope you will forgive me and visit us back again for tomorrow’s post.

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  1. congratulations, my friend! that is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved! i can’t wait to get our youngest boy on the potty. he is now 2 1/2 and hasn’t really been into it thus far. we’ll make it there…eventually. also, the little girl’s shoes are to TDF! and i want them. and those little basil pizza thingies look scrumptuous. glad you had a good holiday!

  2. 1. Hooray for Oliver being potty trained! Way to go big guy!
    2. Yes, it seems that Ben and Milo are sharing a love for the Captain America shirt this summer. I’m not going to let Ben see this post….we’ll be running out to grab that Spidey bathing suit if he sees it!
    3. You look beautiful!!!!! Love that last shot of you and Oliver…so cute.

  3. Everyone looks beautiful! And the dinner shot should be in a magazine – or an Alice Waters cookbook! Congrats to Oliver. Another milestone to celebrate! Happy family!

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