Weekend Shenanigans


It was a peaceful weekend. Somehow we’ve found our groove, hitting the good spot within our family, where brothers play for hours on end without much incident (though there are plenty of crying bouts, they work it out in no time, as the alternative is to sit out and watch the other two have fun). Oliver was motivated to earn some extra spending money ($1 per floor of the house vacuumed seemed like a reasonable price to me!) and there was plenty of playground time, with lost socks and tracked-down shoes because yes, even in February my boys somehow end up shoeless and sweaty. But it was really peaceful. I can see how we are hitting the sweet spot in ages — Emil is quite independent at four, and Milo and Oliver are so interested in science and reading and making things with paper that they disappear and reappear only when they are hungry or want to show us what they’ve created. It’s awesome, only I kind of miss them now. Such is motherhood — you yearn for the days of more independence, only to find it too quiet when it comes. DSC_0161DSC_0141DSC_0150DSC_0170DSC_0194DSC_0202

The new session of circus started up again, and the boys were thrilled to be back with teachers and other students they missed over the holiday break. Milo is becoming more confident in his tumbling and Oliver is eager to learn more hoop tricks and a back walkover. Goals! DSC_0205DSC_0157

I hope you hit some kind of sweet spot this weekend! Sending good vibes out into the universe today — catch ’em!

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  1. Hi! I enjoy looking through your blog and found you through an article on risky play. Which I came across because I’m looking for like minded parents. My H is flipping out because I’m teaching my son who is just shy of 2 how to use a knife and scissors. He’s a very “I want to do!” Boy. I love his spirit and want to provide an environment that helps foster it to his full potential. He’s tenacious and brave and I’m so proud of him. When my H is around he focuses on all the neg or creates fear. I hate that because my son gets quiet and then stops what he’s doing. My H won’t let up. Then he leaves. This is only one aspect but I feel this is what my son needs. Opinions?

  2. Hi Connie, thanks for commenting! It sounds like you and your husband are on different pages, which can be really tricky! Have you tried talking to him about why you are teaching these skills (for example, the research that allowing and teaching young children how to handle such objects actually makes them safer)? The benefits are many, including but not limited to development of fine motor skills. He could read the following, if he is concerned:


    Also, perhaps sitting with his son while he engages in these tasks and trying to be conscious of watching rather than interfering with him is good practice. Maybe he is afraid his son will get hurt? If so, it might be helpful to point out (gently of course) that the worst thing that could happen is a small cut, which can be treated with a little love and a band aid! Creating fear is far more dangerous and stifling to development, I think! Good luck, Connie!

  3. Yes I’ve encouraged him to watch him and sit w us. I also have shown him articles. He says I’m crazy and foolish and it’s only a matter of time before he gets seriously hurt. I’ve explained my reasoning and he won’t have it. He’s very demanding.

  4. “Such is motherhood — you yearn for the days of more independence, only to find it too quiet when it comes. ”
    I love this quote from you! It almost made me cry. I can relate to this! Thank you!

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