Fireman Bob


Oh, Emil.

Lately, it’s on to the next character. Darth Vader is a thing of the past. Batman makes an occasional appearance, but the new obsession: firemen. Or fireman. Fireman Bob, to be precise. DSC_0026

Emil has invented this character, with the unfortunately unremarkable name, Bob, and he fully embraces everything fireman. Although he is disinterested in real firemen: “I’m too shy,” he maintains, when I ask him if he’d like to visit a real fire station. Shy, but not camera shy. Whenever I pull out the camera, he insists that I take pictures of him! Funny, because the other two just completely ignore it. But no, not this one. He is all ham, all the time. DSC_0022DSC_0043

Oh, Emil. We sure do love you and all your many faces, characters, and personas. You sure are a funny guy!

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