Dress That Mama: Sky Blue


Last weekend, the weather was lovely — bright sunshine and cold air, making the blue sky the perfect backdrop for all the flowering trees. Here is what I wore to the Soulard Farmer’s Market where we picked up fresh rabbit for dinner! We didn’t stay long, but we’ll be back when it’s much warmer this summer. Such a beautiful part of the city, that area! DSC_0068

Also, looking forward to warmer days without this sweater; though I do love it, I’m ready to put it away for next fall! I swear, I wear it over nearly everything. If you’re looking for one of your own, it’s the Rosie Neira Wavy Cables Cropped Cardigan, and I found it for sale in several sizes on Ebay.


I highly recommend it, as it has lasted years and years. What I love most is that it is very soft against the skin and is machine washable (though I usually wash the delicate cycle and lay flat to dry). It’s also available in navy blue. It’s a great sweater for throwing on over all of those beautiful spring dresses.

Hope this spring day is a good one for you!

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