Weekend Shenanigans


What a beautiful spring weekend! We spent it amongst friends and flowers, celebrating birthdays aplenty, and loads of outdoor time in the wind and sun. We start our week with full hearts and tired bodies! DSC_0128DSC_0131DSC_0134DSC_0137DSC_0155


Andrew just barely made it home from a trip in time to see the full ballet of Swan Lake with me on Saturday night. We had planned for a big night out on the town with dinner and then the ballet, but his flight was delayed over and over again, until it looked like the whole night was a bust. But then, at seemingly the last minute, he was able to catch a flight home just in time for the ballet! I picked him up from the airport all gussied up and we drove straight to the Touhill for the show. Whew! We made it in time, it was a beautiful performance, and I awoke Sunday morning from dreams of dancing and colors of whites and blues. It was so inspiring to see those artists/athletes and how hard they work to bring beauty to the world.


Happy Monday!

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  1. I was just thinking how glad I was that I wasn’t flying on Saturday with those incredible winds. Yikes.

    Swan Lake is so beautiful.

    I love that park too, we had family photos taken there about 8 years ago. And tulip season is the best.

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