The Perfect Summer Sandal


If you’re from my generation, you’re probably familiar with Teva brand sandals. I had a pair of their original canvas and rubber sandals (something like this? Are you with me? I can still picture them!) and they lasted me forever. They were the perfect adventure sandal — comfortable, snug, flexible, and waterproof. But I grew out of the style…

Until now!!!

I just came across these leather Tevas, still the original fit and design, only very very pretty and grown up! Obviously not waterproof, but the perfect sandal for the woman who walks everywhere. I still really like my Madewell sandals, but I’ll be honest, they don’t hold up more than one season because of how much walking I do in this city (not to mention the number of impromptu surprise hikes I end up on, ha ha!). I just ordered these and I am simply giddy with anticipation of their arrival.


I truly trust this brand, and for the style, I love the tan color — and I love the little pop of color on the thread at the back of the sandal in blue, green, and white. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these babies for years to come.


P.s. — The light blue color is really pretty too!

P.p.s. — They have children’s sizes too, and when my boys aren’t barefoot, they love this style. It’s Oliver’s go-to shoe, and he is very picky, so I know they are comfortable for him. 

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  1. With you! I loved loved loved Tevas growing up. What’s not to love? These nude one’s are intriguing! Are they awesome or are they too orthopedic/granny? I don’t know, but I’m intrigued. I may be willing to take the risk and live with the consequences. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I think they are the right balance — they give a bit of support without looking too granny-ish. I love the flat sandals, but the soles wear down too much for me because we walk so much. I’ll let you know once they arrive!

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