Favorite Kids Brand: Lennon and Wolfe


As my boys get older, I’m finding it harder and harder to find good quality, basic clothes for them. There is an outpouring of wonderful baby brands coming out, but my boys have all outgrown them! But recently, I found Lennon and Wolfe, an LA-based clothing company that states, “Kids are people too. Their their style and comfort matters.”


And comfortable they are! Their Dylan tee comes in muted yellow, stripe, pink, grey, shadow, blue, and cream, and are the softest tees I’ve ever touched. I also like the slimmer fit — none of those boxy tees that shrink up higher and higher with every wash (but if your kids have broader shoulders, size up!). Oliver wears his blue tee so often, I’m anxiously hoping it makes it through the summer (so he can hand his down to Emil). I ordered a few for Milo, as they only go up to size 8 (though some of the other styles go up to size 12) and this will be the last summer he fits into them.


And while I find the other products they sell just too expensive for kids’ clothing, these basic tees are worth it. Find Lennon & Wolfe clothing at Barney’s, eggy, Family Store, Ollie + Me, Ethel + Row, Sweet William, and more!

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