Dress That Mama: On Ponchos

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I had the funniest conversation with Andrew’s sister-in-law last summer when she visited with her kids over the fourth of July. We were talking about muumuus (the loose article of clothing from Hawaii that hangs loosely from the shoulders and makes you look about as big as a tent…) and how much women love these things, but how much men tend to hate them! It has to do with seeing the contours of a woman’s body, I think. In a poncho or muumuu, you can’t. And some days, we don’t want you to! We had a good conversation about who you dress for. Sometimes it feels good to show it off, other days it feels good to… feel good! I dress for myself. Every day.

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I love the soft and breezy feel of this lightweight cotton poncho, plus the back detail which is so feminine.

So far I’ve already this layered over a dress, over a long skirt, and with jeans a couple of times. I think it’ll be just the thing to pack for the beach, too!

Vintage top: Grain

Jeans: Imogene & Willie 

Poncho: Black Crane

Clogs: Rachel Comey

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. This poncho is so pretty! I love how floaty it looks and the light color is perfect for spring. The whole outfit is lovely.

  2. You always look amazing Lauren! I just love your posts. I don’t comment very often, but I am always excited to see your reading suggestions; I’ve tried numerous of your recipes; and love your perspective on raising your kids. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  3. You look amazing in that! I have yet to find a kimono that isn’t too long on me.

    To follow up on the clog discussion, when I saw that the taupe color of these came back in stock after being sold out everywhere on the internet, I swooped them up. They aren’t as cute as the Rachel Comey ones you currently own, but they are comfortable, not too bulky, a little feminine with the side cutouts and I still feel awesome in them.

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