Dress That Mama Challenge, Day 1: Vintage & Modern Pattern-Mixing


Oh, boy — I think this is going to be a fun month for Dress That Mama fans! I’ve recently had some extra interest in the fashion side of things here on the blog — a few more emails than usual requesting more outfit posts, so I decided it would be fun to challenge myself and post an outfit 5 days a week for a month (that’s 20 outfits posts in one month!) instead of just once a week, in addition to all regular posts.

Three years ago, I wrote about the simple wardrobe and buying more thoughtfully. Re-reading that post made me realize a couple of things: that yes, I am still thoughtful and purposeful about buying my clothes, but no, my closet is not exactly simple. It’s not the trendy “capsule wardrobe” of basics that can be interchanged. It’s jam packed full of things I love: dresses, skirts, vintage tops, and nice shoes. I went through a period of time where I purged an item for each item I brought in, but then… I just brought more items in. Blame it on a love of fashion, or a generous husband, or a bit of extra money coming in that was able to be put towards new items I’d had my eye on, but somewhere along the way, I just started collecting without purging. And to some extent, I’m okay with this. Beautiful clothes make me feel really happy; I love mixing things up and expressing myself through what I wear every day.


Dress (under skirt): Vintage

Skirt: Ace & Jig

Shoes: Rachel Comey Dekalb Clogs

Necklace: Erin Consodine

But I have what I need now. And so, I am going on a month-long (at least!) buying freeze on new (and new-to-me) clothing. While I do this, I will dig deeply into the recesses of my closet to rediscover what I have and love. I will post an new outfit every day at noon (except weekends) so that I am forced to get creative with what I have. I hope you enjoy it!

Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than to merely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.   — Virginia Woolf

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  1. I love the quote you included at the bottom – my mother named me after Virginia Woolf (my legal name is Virginia Rose) so I am always interested in words of hers I have not yet read.

    I have a similar relationship with clothing that you do and heartily enjoy prints, colors and expressing myself through clothing. I look forward to your posts!


  2. Nice! I always love seeing your clothing posts, and it’s been fun to see the transformation over time. I have such a tiny little closet that I’m really trying to pair things down. But I find its way easier with my winter clothes than summer, where I do want to hold onto more odd old dresses and blouses… excited to see what you come up with!

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