(Circus) Weekend Shenanigans


We got the last bit of circus out of us (for awhile, at least) with the culmination shows for Oliver, Emil, and Milo on Saturday and Sunday. It was bittersweet, having to say goodbye to some amazing teachers who’ve known the boys for two years, helping them learn and grow, and also just being awesome role models for these guys. Our kids aren’t stopping circus classes; the teachers are just young and transient and on to other things — things in New York, not St. Louis! We will really miss them!DSC_0177DSC_0187

Aside from the sad good-byes, the boys did really well in their acts. Emil suffered a bit of stage fright right before his act, but pulled it together and hammed it up as usual, as “Clown Vader,” of course. Oliver did an amazing hula-hoop act, which I recorded, only to find afterwards that I had not actually recorded. NUTS! He did so well, so impressed with that guy!DSC_0185DSC_0075DSC_0078

Practicing before the show


We’ll miss you, Claire!


Milo also did really well on Sunday during his show. He’s the youngest, smallest one in his class and he just really holds his own. So proud of all of my boys!

P.s. — Check back later this afternoon for a bonus Dress That Mama post — I’m stepping it up for the next month…

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful photos Lauren! I always looked forward to having Milo, Oliver and Emil in class! I can’t wait to see the awesome things they will accomplish! As we say in the circus world – see you down the road!

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