Dress That Mama Challenge, Day 20: Black, White, & Leopard


Today is… not the last day of this challenge! I’m going for an extra work week’s worth of outfits just for fun, and because I’ve enjoyed this challenge and how it’s forced me to get creative with my wardrobe. So, next week will be full of more outfits. If you’re into this, let me know. Maybe I will try to continue this or try it again soon!


Positive Energy Tee: Kung Fu Music

Joggers: Anthropologie, a gift from my Mama (thanks Mom!) – sold out, similar here

Leopard Print Heels: Rachel Comey (sold out)

Sunnies: Mr. Larkin (sold out, similar here for a major splurge, and here for less)

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  1. I definitely enjoy these posts! I like the idea, plus when you link to places you purchased, I get exposed to stores I don’t know about. So, yeah, I like!

  2. I am definitely enjoying your clothing challenge. It’s making me think about what I have tucked away in my closet. I agree with Hope, it’s nice that you share where your items have been purchased.
    Love the leopard print heels!

  3. I want to echo what everyone else has already said! I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts because it has introduced me to new sites and encouraged my own creativity. I love seeing how strong women choose to decorate and clothe themselves. It is always inspiring and empowering.

  4. Totally into it! I find clothing choices really interesting to observe, but I am not very comfortable talking to people about their clothes, in person or online. I always feel self conscious and have his heady train of thought that centers on worrying that a friend will feel judged by my friendly fashion remarks (or lack thereof)!

  5. I love it too… You always look great and have a variety of looks. Having followed you here virtually for a while now, you really seem to be in a place where you are super confident and fit and taking great care of yourself… I am definitely not there right now, and standing in front of a camera everyday is a truly terrifying thought! But it’s inspiring to see you do it, celebrate this time in your life when you look and feel fantastic!

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