Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld

I enjoyed this fun read, something I would consider an indulgence, especially right after reading Between the World and Me, which left me needing something light and mindless. Sittenfeld, who is originally from Cincinnati, is now a St. Louis native. Being familiar with both cities, I enjoyed the references to Cincinnati (including neighborhoods, Skyline Chili, and references to the elite and ridiculous parts of the city), and I enjoyed the thought of Sittenfeld being right around the corner here in St. Louis (though I don’t think I’ve ever spotted her!). The story is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, a book I haven’t read since high school, but remember enjoying at the time.

Though the end was somewhat kitchy, I think this book is the perfect summer read if you’re looking to escape into someone else’s family drama for awhile! It would make the perfect beach or poolside read, if you have time for things like that!

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  1. Such a fun read. I really enjoy Curtis Sittenfeld’s writing. I just started Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers, which is similarly smart but light. Happy summer reading!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading this – at the beach! Having grown up just south of Cincinnati, and after listening to her interview on the Diane Rehm show, I also think the Cincy references will be quite fun.

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