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Since it’s summertime and we’re spending a lot of time in the water (both at the pool and the beach), I decided to try a new brand of swimwear from Seea, a California-based U.S.-made product committed to “a celebration of the style, rhythm, and grace of women’s surfing.” And while I’m not going anywhere near a surfboard, I can vouch for the quality of the above suit, which I tried on in my local Anthropologie store right before our beach trip. I stupidly left without the suit (since I hadn’t gone in looking for a swimsuit, I was wary of buying one on impulse), went back the next day to buy it, and it was gone. But I ordered it online and it arrived just in time for the beach! The fabric is nice and thick and as smooth as a seal! I would recommend sizing up at least one size, as this swimwear tends to run a bit small.

The only thing to keep in mind is that there is no shelf bra, so if you’re larger on top, you might be more comfortable with a bikini top on underneath.

I also got this top to wear with high-waisted retro bikini bottoms and I LOVE it! Same fabric, same coverage, same comfort. I took my regular size in this one and it fit perfectly.

What I love is the unique pattern and cut of the swimsuit. It is also very comfortable, and I appreciate that it has a lot more coverage on the chest — a place I tend to get too much sun, even when wearing loads of sunscreen.


Here is another style I love — black is so classic. Seea_SP15_Zuma_One_Piece_Burgandy_01_new_grande

… And this was my first choice; unfortunately it was all sold out. I love these colors together, as well as the additional coverage from the sun.

The next brand is my tried-and-true Seafolly!


I’ve had a version of the above suit for several years now and it has held up amazingly well. I get all kinds of women asking me where I got it! It’s so flattering for all body types and the color has not faded one bit, which is really nice. There’s also plenty of support in the bra area for larger chests (not me, but I do like a little lift). I love the retro style, which looks great with red lips and a cute pair of sunglasses!

Do you have a favorite swimsuit brand?

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  1. Yeah! Thanks! I love all these suits, and it’s so great to see such cute styles with more coverage. Not even from a modesty point of view, but from a sun protection point of view. It’s a nice departure from the teeny triangle suits – two on top, one on the bottom!

    My sister has a very long torso, and she’s tall and thin (and just had baby three) – she’s completely smitten with J.Crew’s long torso suits. It’s the first time she’s been able to wear a one piece, and they have some really cute suits. She got one almost like your last suit shown, and she looks adorable in it. I decided to order a few options and return what doesn’t work to the store because I’m in a rush before a vacation. I love their strapless ruched one piece, and I also ordered the strapless one piece that is cut out in the back, and looks like a two piece there. I hope it works – I love the silhouette and the coverage.

    That striped top you got is adorable. That’s the first time I’ve seen that shape in something with more coverage. I’ve thought about short sleeved rash guards, but they do seem like they’d be a little hot – I think the looseness around your top would be much cooler and not give you a weird farmer’s tan either.

    This is getting me very excited for the beach!

  2. I love that striped top and I hadn’t thought about it before you mentioned it, but I definitely need to cover my chest more. I got a suit that was a similar concept from J.Crew but it doesn’t have as much coverage…

  3. I think the trick is to alternate days — we just spent a week at the beach, so day after day with the same suit would be overkill in that sun. I would wear a full-coverage suit one day, then a bikini the next. That way, if you get too much sun one day, you can avoid it the next! I didn’t get any wonky tan lines at all!

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