On Mama Friends


I cannot go without saying that two of the best nights of my whole summer were spent with these mamas.


They are, aside from our neighborhood friends, the most consistent group I have spent time with over the past year; in the cold winter months we gathered monthly at each other’s houses with coffee and tea to chat for hours about the books we had read for our book club, we made time for each other on our birthdays, and we hung out for brunches and dinners with and without kids. During our book club meetings, more often than not, the discussion evolved into our lives, our struggles for finding balance in parenthood, and LOTS of talk about relationships, sex, and all sorts of inappropriateness, inevitably erupting in laughter. Which, of course, made it better.

This summer, we somehow found the time and ability to leave babies, preschoolers, and kids at home (thank you, papas!) and venture out into some great St. Louis neighborhoods. This night in particular, we visited Elisha at a pop-up shop to support her budding jewelry business, then headed over to The Fortune Teller Bar for tarot card readings and beer while we enjoyed the sunset and weather while sitting outdoors.


We finished the night at Vista Ramen (pictured above), where, combined with another group of friends, we enjoyed some incredible food and plenty of laughter. The cocktails looked amazing as well, though I didn’t partake this time. Highly recommend (both the restaurant, and the company)!

Thank you, loves, for bringing me out of my late summer funk!

Happy Monday to you, and I hope you had a weekend filled with love and laughter.

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    1. So true, Susan! It’s easy to get wrapped up in our families (as we should), but it is crucial to our mental health and our other relationships that we make time for other women! They provide perspective, laughter, and food for thought. And man, some days we need to laugh!

  1. Yes! Mama friends are the best! I left a great group of friends when I moved, so I am still looking for my tribe in my new home town. I know the right mom friends are worth the wait!
    We never seemed to take photos when we were together and I love the energy in the photos. You can just feel the fun time you’re having!

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