Dress That Mama: Old and New


There is, in my opinion, nothing more feminine than a delicate vintage blouse.


Sometimes I am so nostalgic for the style of bygone eras. The care with which clothing was once made strikes my heart in a sad sort of way; there is often something lacking in modern clothing design, an attention to detail and quality, maybe. Or maybe it is just the delicate nature of early 1900’s stitching and embroidery that I yearn for. If well cared for, these pieces last for ages and never truly go out of style. This vintage Edwardian blouse is over 100 years old!!!

We gathered at The Mud House (hands down one of the coolest coffee shops in St. Louis) one morning for a delicious breakfast and to enjoy the newly cool fall mornings. If you’re ever in town, you must check out this place, located along the very cool Cherokee Street corridor.


I paired the vintage blouse with a modern raw-edged dress with buttons up the back, and felt so pulled together. If you are in search of such a blouse, they are everywhere if you know where to look. Try searching on Etsy for “Edwardian Blouse” and you will see what I mean! DSC_0047

Vintage Edwardian Silk Blouse: Grain (similar here and here)

Raw Silk Dress: No 6 Store (sold out — I’ll update if I find a similar style)

Clogs: Rachel Comey (sold out, similar here and here)

Rings: Tiro Tiro Porta Ring, SH/i

*** A thank you to my talented friend Elisha, who took these photos and helped me create a vision for these style posts!***

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  1. This is our breakfast place on mornings when school is out for the day (and sometimes more frequently than that!) I love the black bean burrito. I should branch out, but I can’t. It’s so good, and I really love savory food – and even salad – for breakfast.

    When you talked about loving the delicate details, it made me think of the smocking my grandmother would do on our dresses when we were little. All that handwork and tiny stitches in a diagonal pattern – they would look repetitive, but then there would be flowers or hearts or bunnies tucked in as well. I’m pretty sure I wore smocked dresses every Sunday for the first eight years of my life, and then my girls wore some of those dresses again.

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