Dress That Mama: Ruffles & Linen


This new version of our style series is just taking off, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the freedom and exploration it has brought so far. Shooting on location has given me the push I needed to explore some interesting corners of St. Louis I never knew existed!


Just around the corner from the Contemporary Art Museum, there is an old building (I assume it used to be a church) that is crumbling and slowly being overtaken by nature. It’s a beautiful spot, really. We enjoyed exploring the space and finding good light (the roof is missing, after all!).

I can’t wait to show you all the fun, beautiful places in and around this city!

Top: Ace & Jig Fiddle Top in Spirit

Linen/cotton blend skirt: K.Hall Designs (sold out, similar here and -from one of my very favorite vintage shops: here)

African Bolga basket: Found at Whole Foods several years ago (similar here)

Clogs: Bryr Sophie Peep Toe

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  1. Years ago there was a neighborhood art installation, and this was the site of one of them. They “finished” out the roof with lights. I’ve looked through my blog archives but can’t find the shots right now, but it was incredible.

    The building was a Church of Christ, it’s often referred to as Church of the Open Door. (and roof!!)

    Did you go to CAM while you were there? I’ve been following some of the stories on the controversy over the current exhibit. Ella has an art intensive there, so I get to visit every Thursday evening when I pick her up.

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