A blog I have followed daily for years now, Cup of Jo, recently posted about tantrums and “floor time,” which is quite literally getting on the floor with your child or children for at least 20 minutes every day, in an effort to head off tantrums or cranky, attention-seeking behavior. 

While my boys are older and therefore less likely to throw what I would describe at tantrums, they are still prone to cranky, surly behavior (as we all are, frankly). And I have found that in our house, it is 100% certainly true that floor time is just as important with older children. I have also read about this among peaceful parenting circles, where it is referred to as “time in.” It is the time in that deflects the time out. It provides our child with undivided, uninterrupted attention on their level, whatever that may be, every single day. It makes them feel important and loved. What an easy way to connect!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is a beautiful one.

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  1. Yes! My 5 year old in particular is going through a very, very clingy phase with both me and my husband. He’s generally VERY independent, so this phase has taken us by surprise. We are both trying to be more intentional about spending physically close time with him, cuddling, reading and just being close. I think this technique of “floor time” is a great way to meet those physical needs and change everyone’s perspective for a few minutes.

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