Dress That Mama: Dusty Rose & Vermillion


A color combination that I find works surprisingly well: dusty rose and vermillion. I wore this on a recent visit to the Contemporary Art Museum to see the Kelley Walker exhibit. Aware of all of the recent controversy over this artist’s work (specifically with regard to fear of cultural appropriation of the black community), I tried to keep an open mind while viewing the Direct Drive exhibit (not shown in this post). However; I had a strongly negative, visceral reaction to the work. I completely sympathize with the negative reaction felt by so many in the black community in St. Louis.

While I understand the issue of censorship in the art world, I do believe that who is doing the art (and who is talking about the issues behind this art) is an important piece not to be overlooked, especially when that artist is making money off those images. At the very least, I feel Walker could have done a better job discussing his intent or even advocating for the injustices of the black community, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt that his intentions were not to exploit them. 


Walker’s other series, Brick Work, I found interesting and beautiful. Ah, the art world, something I will never fully understand.


Top: Vivian Ramsey Gaze Blouse in Skin (on sale)

Bra (visible from back): Ganni Cherry Lace Bra

Skirt: Apiece Apart Assisi Tea Length Skirt in Onion Skin

Shoes: Rachel Comey Vermillion Mary Janes (sold out)


Perhaps I’m just not a huge fan of contemporary art? Next up on the museum tour: the St. Louis Art Museum, full of the classics. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I had a similar reaction upon viewing.

    I like these colors on you – they look great for fall – I’m ready to see some of that color in the landscape. Summer is dragging on. I’m worried the trees will finally change and the next day winter will rush in and blow them all off the trees.

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