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We are living our lives in chaos right now in the hopes that by the time the holidays roll around, we will have a brand new second floor bathroom and some major house repairs under our belt. It may not happen by then, but growth takes time, progress is slow but necessary.

It has been equal parts fun (picking out Moroccan tiles and light fixtures!) and misery (picking out shower heads and fixtures!) dealing with the bathroom renovation. But it was so great to see the old stuff carted out, to see a completely stripped room and to envision all the light and the details that will eventually, hopefully, come together at the last moment.


Meanwhile, Emil, who had been waiting for October 1st for what has seemed like months, decorated the entire front yard for Halloween… which is still practically a month away. With everything still lush and green, it doesn’t quite feel right yet, but I know after a week or so, it’s going to look more like fall. And it has finally cooled off here in St. Louis! DSC_0031DSC_0151DSC_0072DSC_0076DSC_0080

Our boys have been getting along so well lately, which really makes life easier. They are constantly playing, experimenting, reading, skateboarding or bike riding, building with Legos or Magnatiles, or jumping on the trampoline with each other and with neighborhood friends.

Milo and Oliver are becoming more free range within our neighborhood. This weekend we allowed them to go alone to a playground and gave them a return time, which they hit on the dot. They were practically giddy when they returned home, riding the high of independence and confidence. It felt good to give them this gift of experience and time in the company only of one another, without the watchful eye of an adult. They were certainly ready. I feel this shift happening in our family as we enter into this golden period of parenthood, and it’s really wonderful.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. We just finished our master bathroom, and it was completely worth the effort. But I’m starting to wake up in cold sweats about the big project – and trying to imagine not having a kitchen for awhile. Plumbing fixtures really add up $$$ quickly, and some of them are SO ugly. I’m with you – not the most fun.

  2. Ooh exciting! I think I’m the only person on the planet who feels happy when I see stuff torn up (probably because it means there’s no turning back!)… and I also love picking plumbing fixtures, so 😉

    Looks like a good start to fall over there!

  3. The house renovations will be lovely! I love the tiles you’ve chosen. Good luck with the many decisions – I think they are far rougher than the actual physical updates.
    Thanks for sharing about your boys’ free range adventures. I am a big fan of free range kids and my husband would like to keep them confined to the house (mostly). So, I am always looking for steps we can take to give them a bit more freedom. It’s so good for them to rely on each other and not depend on us for every little thing!

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