Brands We Love: Kira Kids


It’s getting easier to find great clothing for boys, thank goodness! I recently came across Kira Kids, an LA-based clothing company that prides itself on organic, locally-sourced cotton and fleece. I love it because it’s well-made, the colors are great, and Emil claims they are “soooooo soft!”


Above: Bolt Graphic Sweatshirt, Little Stars Fleece Pants



The prints and colors are unisex, so they’re great for hand-me-downs for boys or girls.

Emil wears his lightening bolt sweatshirt every single time it rains (and plenty of times when it’s not raining too!). Also, the taco pants are awesome and could double as pajama pants, which is always a good thing. Just be aware that there are differences in the fabric thickness: the jogger sweatpants are fleece and great for a midwest winter, while the bubble pants are a thinner fabric.

Kira Kids, keep it up! We love your stuff!

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  1. How durable are the knees of the pants? My seven-year-old is BRUTAL on his pants, and often rips through the knees way too quickly for my liking. 🙁

    1. So far, so good! You can see the thicker knee squares on the star pants (which are fleece), but the “bubble pant” they sell is pretty thin. I would recommend the fleece version for your seven-year-old! Mine are the same way!

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