Thanksgiving 2016


We had a really nice, low key family Thanksgiving this year. My mom and brother came out for a quick trip, arriving on Wednesday afternoon and staying until early Friday morning.


The boys really enjoyed showing Uncle Jon and Grandma all their tricks, and then climbing all over the two of them whenever they could find the chance. I’m sure they are exhausted!


Thanksgiving parade


They even got Grandma out on the trampoline!


I really enjoyed cooking with my mom — it reminded me of all the time we spent together in kitchen while I was growing up, talking while chopping, sautéing, and making delicious things.

The food was great, but the pecan pie was waaaaaay too sweet. The salads we tried (mushroom barley and baby winter greens with lemon vinaigrette) were both so good, I’ll definitely make them again.  And of course, the turkey was out of this world thanks to Andrew!

So good to see family, and we hope they’ll be back soon!

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  1. Looks like a perfect celebration. Low key holidays are always my favorite. I’ve been following along here, just sort of out of comment mode… but I have loved your new spin on outfit posts and been enjoying all your thoughts and adventures, as usual. Happy Thanksgiving!

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