The Gift of Accountability


I recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post on the importance of holding our children accountable for their actions, particularly when they make choices that hurt others. It was inspired by something that happened almost a year ago and has stuck with Milo, as he still brings it up today.

If you have a moment and are interested, check it out here. And have a wonderful day.

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  1. Aside from making me cry while reading this, I feel this is a gift and a tool to many of us who have children of similar age. I never really thought about it until I read your article that naming an emotion to them could be good in such a situation. It’s easy to forget that they are so many things that they are yet to experience. Thank you Lauren!

  2. Wow I cried reading that! A great lesson and what a sweetheart you have. I was imagining myself in the car after that and honestly I would lose my head and yell and probably miss the opportunity. Now, when it happens which no doubt it will I’ll have some inspiration to stay calm and explore it and yes hold him accountable without shaming. Wonderful piece.

  3. This is so beautiful Lauren. How fortunate your boys are to have you and your husband as their parents. I feel so encouraged knowing there are more people raising their children with intention, heart and soul. xo

  4. Again another post that I have put in my archives as we raise Christian! I loved loved it. What a sweet boy you have, generous kind friends and what great parents you and Andrew are!

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