My Sweet Sick Buddy


Poor Oliver has been really sick these past few days. He has stayed home with me, mostly lying on the couch listlessly which is so unlike him, with a really nasty cough and just last night a fever and the chills. But despite his feeling just awful, his needing a little extra love and just wanting to be near me at all times is so sweet and tender I can’t help but gather it up in my arms and enjoy the closeness, enjoy being needed.

I remember how it felt to be so little and just wanting my mom or dad to be nearby when I was sick. Sometimes I forget how little he still is — that no matter how independent and headstrong and opinionated and smart he is, even though he can do so much for himself and for others, sometimes he still just needs his mama.


Today we will sit on the couch some more, making hats together for the cousins and our friends; he makes one, I make one, we snuggle in under a blanket and listen to Christmas music, or just peace and quiet. Later, tea with honey and lemon, then I’ll tuck him in for a nap while I clean the house for Andrew’s mom to visit and cross my fingers and hope for a speedy recovery!


Hope you and yours are well, and enjoy the weekend.

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