Circus 2016


This past weekend, the culmination circus shows for Milo and Oliver took place at Circus Harmony. They have worked so hard for months on end, so it was unfortunate that Oliver was just too sick to perform on Saturday morning. It was a tough call; he was supposed to perform a partner aerial act with another student, and she had to go it alone. But we made the right choice, as Oliver was again listless and completely devoid of energy all day Saturday. But he was much better on Sunday, so we all went to Milo’s show, and despite being very nervous (for the first time since his very first show years ago), he did very well! It was a partner acrobatics act that included lots of flipping and balancing. I was so proud of Milo and his partner; they have developed a great amount of trust and respect for each other as they’ve worked together for a couple of years now (this is the third act that they have performed together).


They learned a new trick just minutes before the show and took direction so well. These two just go for it with such great attitudes! I could learn a thing or two from them about trying new things…


As we arrived early for the rehearsal before the show, Emil had plenty of time to practice the very beginning of juggling. Did you know the first step is just throwing a ball the same height from one hand to the other over and over again? Not easy for a five-year-old.


He wants to do this:


Congratulations to all the Level 1.5 students at Circus Harmony! You were fantastic!

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