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Forgive the iPhone pictures — as it turns out, I’m a bit burned out from lugging my nice camera around with me everywhere; plus, I’m trying to learn to take nice photos on the phone to see if it can be done!

I’ve been attached to my camera for the past couple of months for my new job, a job I truly love and feel inspired by every day. It’s been a natural progression to start running the blog for our boys’ Montessori school. It combines two of my current loves in life: photography and writing, plus I am so honored to be inside the classroom like a fly on the wall many days a week — observing and viewing life through the lens, disappearing as best as I can while I try to capture the magic of it all. I’ve learned so much more about Montessori education and feel all the practice at photography is making me better at capturing the images I want. We learn by doing, after all.

I took the above photo on Christmas Eve, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small bit of pink where there hadn’t been any before. I looked more closely at the plant that was previously just green, and there were several tiny pink buds just about to bloom! I think it is a special thing when a plant in the succulent family finally blooms; it can be a rare thing, especially when the plant has only ever lived indoors. I posted it on Instagram with a message of hope, or at least the grasping towards something like it for the new year.



Also on Christmas Eve, we took the family for a little hike at Laumeier Sculpture Park in the afternoon to burn some energy and try to pull the boys out of their pre-holiday funk. It worked temporarily, with the fresh air and exercise perking us all up and lifting our spirits. Going outside always has that effect on our boys (and us). Once we were inside, they pretty much picked right up with the bickering, though. Ugh.


I made a really special Christmas Eve dinner (which two out of three boys ended up crying over – nice!) and straightened out the house for my sanity. The influx of lots of new stuff makes me a little crazy, honestly!


Here are the books I’m obsessing over right now, really interested in the microbiome and how it relates to children’s health. And My Side of the Mountain too, because once Milo is finished reading it, I want to re-read it!

For now, that’s what we’re up to. I’m going to take a blogging break to visit with family and friends and read these (and a couple other) books. I’ll be back in the new year! Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! I really hope wherever you are, there is joy and love in your life.

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