Clifton Gorge Hike, Ohio


One of our favorite travel days this past holiday season was a misty warmish day after the new year. I took the boys to visit my mom for the day, where we drove to Yellow Springs for lunch followed by a hike in Clifton Gorge, a beautiful nature preserve in Greene County. I can’t count the number of times we came here when I was a girl, so it was especially sweet to bring my own children here!


What was different about the park this time was the amount of moss, lichens, and ferns; it looked more like the Pacific Northwest than the Midwest. It was really humid and beautiful. My mom and I had to prevent a certain curious 5-year-old from plunging off a few cliffs, but other than that, it was a blast!


We can’t wait to come back and visit. Thanks, Mom, for spending the day with us!

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