Gourd Sculptures


After growing gourds this past summer, I was left with many vessels that had broken or become weak in some place as they were drying. Some were even broken into by squirrels. Instead of throwing away the pieces, I decided to make gourd sculptures: half basket, half bowl. I love the way they turned out! 



I started the same way I did with the birdhouses: by drying, cleaning, and scraping them, then drying them again. Next, I painted them with outdoor patio paint. Some I painted inside and out, while others I left unpainted on the inside.


Next, I drilled holes around the rim of the gourd bowls so that I could weave hemp cording through. I experimented with different methods, and ended up just weaving them in an open and airy pattern.


For a couple of them, I used hemp-covered wire to manipulate the shape of the weaving.



They are kind of strange, like sea creatures, and delicate, like eggshells. I like that they can hold air plants or just stand on their own.


Have you been making anything lately?

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  1. What a lovely idea! They honestly look a part of an art installation- each elegant, a part of nature, a curious little future home, a statement unto themselves. They also remind me so much of Imbolc- the glossy white egg, with the sprout of new life 🙂

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