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I can’t believe how quickly this week slipped away. I had planned to share a few posts here, but I was busier than usual with work, plus I have been doing some home repairs, which always end up being more complicated than I think, thanks to owning a 104-year-old home! I have been updating a room in our house that really needed some extra love: two fresh coats of paint, ceiling repairs, wall repairs, new ceiling paint, and painting trim (my least favorite thing), plus a new light fixture and a few other small changes. I can’t wait to show it to you once it’s complete.

We’ve been battling illnesses left and right. Last Friday, on my birthday, we had to cancel dinner plans because Oliver was so sick (but we’re planning to go out tomorrow to make up for it — it’s been waaaaay too long). Last week, even though Oliver had a high fever and felt just terrible, he insisted that he needed to go with Andrew to buy me a birthday cupcake with his own money! Poor, sweet little thing! He is all better now.

I hope you and your family are doing well; it sure seems like there are a lot of germs floating around out there!

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