Weekend with the cousins

I’m perpetually behind with posting, but hopefully now that I have access to a computer daily (yay!) I will be able to post more often. This is a good thing, as it seems like every time I look at Milo, he is accomplishing another milestone or… gaining another pound. He is now 16 pounds! I think for a ten-week-old this is a bit excessive, but he is thriving and healthy, and generally just very sturdy, so all is well.
We survived our first weekend visit with cousins Elizabeth and Ava on November 3. Kristin brought the girls down from D.C. for a fun-filled afternoon and dinner. Milo got lots of love, kisses, and pokes and prods to the eye socket, and I got some much-needed girl time with Kristin. We attempted a photo shoot which seemed to go alright at first:

Only to discover that Milo will tolerate this for only about 2 seconds:

Yes, Lizzy has the right idea- outta here!

Despite how it looks, the visit was a success, and we can’t wait to travel to Ohio next week for Thanksgiving to visit with family again. The car ride is going to be another story. Milo hates his carseat (aren’t babies supposed to fall asleep in them?) and quickly turns hysterical, red, and sweaty when left in it for any amount of time over 10 minutes. Oh, boy! That, combined with a dog that vomits on nearly every car trip should prove to be fun. Still, we can’t wait!

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  1. Ahhh, my favorite muffin man in action! I almost didn’t recognize him (though you had switched him out for a cuter baby again – you have to stop doing that!). And yes, good luck with that car-ride. As Kate and I can attest, Milo and carseat don’t mix. Maybe he is claustrophobic?
    I can’t wait to see him soon (oh and of course you guys 🙂

  2. Yay Lauren! I’m so glad you’re doing a blog, too. I feel like I’ll get to know him better (or at all since we’ve not met yet!). Now we just need to get Kristin to join the club. Can’t wait to see you all at Thanksgiving, Lizzie and Ava have already called threatening that Reina’s eyes will be poked out next!

  3. Haha….payback sucks! Andrew, that’s what you get for torturing Billy and I with endless crying in the car. By the way, Ava’s face is priceless while looking at such display. I hope the poked his eyes out right after that. Reina, you better wear your eye protection next weekend cause Ava’s coming and hell’s coming with her.

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