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When reviewing older Favorite Places posts, I realized that we were leaving something out. It appears, from older posts, that all of our favorites just so happen to fall into the category of edibility. Which is only partly representative of our true favorites. So, in the spirit of keeping it real in St. Louis, we will be featuring some favorite spots where we (okay, I) like to shop. We’ll start with kids shopping, but look for home furnishings, men’s fashion, and more to come!

City Sprouts in University City is one of the best places in St. Louis to shop for babies and kids. Located on The Loop on Delmar Blvd., you will spot it from a mile away with its cheerful bright orange awning. Once inside, be prepared to spend some time. Seriously. We usually get sucked into the abyss of wonderfulness and end up spending the better part of an hour here! Oliver has been known to throw some rockin’ tantrums when it is time to leave.


Some of my favorite products are their fun and quirky bedding: pillows, blankets, and sheets that come in a variety of modern, whimsical patterns that kids and parents alike will appreciate. There is also a good price range here- you can find some pretty affordable options, but if you are willing to splurge, they have amazingly soft and beautiful sheets by Kate Quinn Organics that will make you swoon. DSC_0033

Best place to buy gifts for children’s birthday parties, holidays, and baby showers! This book is pretty cool if you like Andy Warhol.

They also carry a lot of eco-friendly toys, including a whole variety of fun things from Plan Toys. This company specializes in Earth-friendly wood toys that have a simple, Swedish vibe about them. They are modern and simple, yet beautiful. A lot of people ask where we got our kids’ play kitchen- it was a Christmas present from City Sprouts (you can see it below on the lower right) and is currently the most-played-with toy in our house.



Another fun gift idea is one of their many BlaBla dolls. These are soft, quirky dolls that are good for boys as well as girls with funny names like Johnny Boogaloo, who even has a heart tattoo on his arm!


Their apparel is also awesome. City Sprouts carries the whole line of Tea Collection, plus great stuff from Appaman, Misha Lulu, Wry Baby, Milk on the Rocks, and Knuckleheads. Check out this dress! Ahh! So cute! Also, how funny is this onesie?


Check out their selection of gear, including cribs, strollers, baby carriers, car seats, and high chairs (I would have asked for this one when I was pregnant with Milo had I known we would be using it for 6+ years!). It apparently even converts to a real adult-sized chair!


I must also mention that the employees at this store are some of the nicest, well-dressed(!), most helpful bunch of people. The owners (two sisters) are often present as well, and make it a point to get to know their customers and their children. They even have a changing room in case your little one becomes sooooo relaxed while playing at the play kitchen or with the Plan City play table that he or she needs a diaper change… hmm… this has happened to us more than once, can you tell?

Check their website for sales and new merchandise, as they restock pretty frequently.

We love you, City Sprouts! See you soon…



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  1. Thanks fo sharing, that looks like a fantastic store! There’s nothing more addictive than a baby store that has all the best stuff and it really is amazing how much great design is out there these days for kids. I don’t know how you shop with three though, Wyatt is impossible in toy stores these days- can’t seem to understand that it doesn’t all belong to him 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you are doing this! Hopefully you don’t mind me stealing the idea for our blog. You have explored such different parts of our city. I can’t wait to check your local places out! St. Louis really is wonderful!

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