Happy Holidays

I do have pictures to post, but my camera is acting up and I can’t seem to upload images right now, but as soon as my tech-savvy husband gets home from D.C., I will make him help me. Besides, I am still trying to get a video of Milo laughing, which he does quite often now, but whenever I stick the camera in his face, he becomes mesmerized and stops laughing. Go figure. Maybe I’ll catch him off guard and you’ll get a video for my next post.

Anyway, things are going really well for us. I am really enjoying Milo at this age (he is exactly 15 weeks old today). He is so much more self-sufficient, entertaining himself in his doorway jumper for 1/2 hour here, 20 minutes there, etc. He is also content to play with toys on his own for a while, or to just sit on my lap while I eat, do paperwork, or answer emails. It makes life so much easier. The house is clean, I feel well-rested (despite Milo still not sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time, I take the occasional nap with him during the day), Christmas presents are sent, and I even had time to bake cookies for 9 of our closest neighbors, order holiday cards, and fold laundry! Milo is so much more content now. He loves going for walks, being read to, and listening to music. Plus, he usually takes 2 naps a day, so I can have a few little chunks of time to myself. In the evenings, Andrew and I switch off Milo-duty and take turns going to the gym for an hour each. I find this time so rejuvenating, being able to work out and have some time to myself. It’s funny, after an hour of working out, on my way home, I get so excited to see Milo again! I really don’t get sick of being a mom. It’s great. And I am counting my blessings now, during this brief “easy” period with Milo, because I know the mobility will bring with it all sorts of new challenges. I have a feeling he will be crawling before I am ready! But for now, I will enjoy my happy, giggly, immobile baby.

I did have my first mean-stranger-baby-advice today. I took Milo to the local library, and as we were browsing the “new fiction” aisle (for me, not him), Milo began to fuss, making his “I’m tired” noises. Carrying him in his front-carrier (his preferred method of transport), I started gently bouncing him, which quieted him temporarily. I noticed out of the corner of my eye an elderly lady sitting at a table nearby turn around and look at us. She then did this again. Milo was not making much noise, but I smiled apologetically this time, as she looked pretty annoyed. She then turned around a third time and said, “I’m not upset that he’s making noise, I’m worried that he is choking. You need to put him up on your shoulder and pat his back before he chokes,” in a really nasty tone! I assured her that he was fine, that those were the sounds he makes when he is about to fall asleep. She proceeded to tell me that I really shouldn’t carry him like that, that he could choke (I have no idea how she got this impression, he was just in a front-carrier, but I continued to be polite). I thanked her, and assured her that he was fine, to which she responded sarcastically, “Well I’m sorry I said anything about it,” then kept muttering under her breath! I was so taken aback by her rude tone that I just moved on to a different section, but geez! Maybe she was just cranky, but she was just so mean. Anyway, I’ve heard of this unwanted advice, but had yet to receive any. You know, the kind of advice that is unwarranted as well as unwanted, coming from a complete stranger who thinks she knows your child better than you do. I think I handled it gracefully, and learned a valuable lesson… that I will NEVER do this to a new mom!

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