Dress That Prof: Casual & Thrifty


Well, with teaching for the summer in the bag and graduation around the corner, Andrew can finally loosen up on the dress code a bit when he goes in for work (which he informed me last night often consists of writing at a coffee shop or outside on campus somewhere, sprinkled with a  few meetings here and there- I am just the slightest bit jealous!).

Short-sleeved oxford shirt: Goodwill ($3)- find a similar one here

Canvas messenger bag: Moop


Charcoal gray trousers: JCrew Clearance ($15), find similar ones here

Tretorns: JCrew

Happy Wednesday! And hopefully you are enjoying the same kind of glorious weather we have been soaking up lately!

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  1. Andrew has that glorious look of “nothing bad can happen today”…It’s going to be a “I may even put some milk in my coffee” kind of a day.

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