Weekend Shenanigans: St. Charles



We had the craziest, busiest weekend! Going into it, we knew we had a lot to do on Sunday (two birthday parties in one day!), but we had no plans on Saturday… until we woke up in some crazed state and needed to get out of the house pronto. So, thanks to Andrew’s quick last-minute planning, we headed to Historic St. Charles for a morning adventure.


The weather was gorgeous- cool even, and sunny. Emil got a good nap in on our drive there, and Milo and Oliver were thrilled to check out the abandoned railroad with its weathered wood and perfect stones for throwing.




And though they weren’t permitted to climb on or into the caboose, they were happy to check it out up close.

We spent the morning walking, exploring, people-watching (we saw two separate weddings going on!), and chatting about the nick-nackiness that abounded in the little stores along the main street. We were so busy chatting, in fact, that we walked right past our van and probably a half a mile down the street before realizing we had gone too far!




It was a good morning and I’m sure we will go back for another visit before the summer is over. As for the rest of the weekend, we partied with cake and ice cream in our swimsuits with the best of ’em. And no, I am not showing pictures of that because there was absolutely not one moment of down time to take a single picture. Plus, swimming pool + camera + little kids = disaster.


Lewis & Clark crotch shot… plus one very dapper young man who dressed himself(!!!) for the occasion- hence the fancy pants with flip flops. Hey, kid’s got his own sense of style!

I can tell that this summer is going to run us ragged (in a good way)! All three bums were sound asleep by 7pm Sunday… and Andrew and I were not far behind!

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  1. I kept looking at that picture of Milo running down the track and thinking, “Nooooo! That train is going to hit him!” Heh.

    I love it when kids dress themselves. There was a time when Julian was about 4 that he didn’t leave the house without some kind of superhero outfit on, and people would always ask me why I let him dress like that. But why wouldn’t I? Superheroes are rad. Dressing the way you want without any self consciousness is rad.

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